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My Predictions For Top Five Wedding Trends In 2024

Violinist from Couture Strings

Trends come, trends go. These are my research-backed guesses for the five top wedding trends in 2024.

We’ve pranced our way to the end of 2023. It means we’re officially in for the wedding season! Heading onto 2024, speculations galore about what trend will rule the first half (and beyond!) in 2024.

That said, weddings are incredibly personal. However, it’s good to have some reference trends in mind so they inspire your wedding wardrobe, aesthetics, and decorations.

Curious to see what’s coming up for 2024 from a luxury wedding photographer’s perspective? Keep reading along, for I’ve got five top trends for 2024 that will inspire you.

Let’s dive in!

1. Storytelling Photography

Wedding galleries are known for evoking nostalgia. What better way to ride on that sentiment than with a photography style that tells your love story in a flowy way? As a fine art wedding photographer, I’ve only seen the trend on an uptick since the beginning of the year. It’s a highly requested style when I hop on consultation calls with my clients, so it’s safe to assume that fine arts photography is one of the top trends going into 2024.

If you wish to explore fine art photography in depth, read my blog here and here.

2. Dress Codes

A themed dress code for guests is a wedding trend you’ll start seeing more of in 2024. All black is popular, but so is attire that matches the wedding aesthetic. A great example is vibrant colors for a tropical destination wedding and baby blues for a nautical-themed one. Of course, you don't have to strictly stick to the dress codes, but having a reference point comes in handy while planning.

3. AI-led Weddings

No, by AI, I don’t mean weddings officiated by Wall-E. I wish that were a trend, but oh, well! I’m talking about the tech that powered Wall-E. AI was 2023’s buzzword, so it’s obvious that the trend also traveled over to the wedding world. AI-powered wedding invites and wedding speech generators have become the name of the game. Not only is AI practical, it’s quick and doesn’t cost a fortune. You can get highly personalized recommendations if you keep experimenting with it.

4. Celebrant-officiated Weddings

According to Hitch, 2023 has already seen a whopping 49% increase in the search for the word “celebrant weddings.” As weddings become more personalized to a person’s unique aesthetics and taste, it’s a given that wedding celebrants are being considered over traditional officiants. Having a celebrant is actually a smart choice for your wedding – they are versatile (they can gel into any aesthetic and even double up as wedding planners in some cases).

5. Personalized Music

This is a trend I’ve seen pick up in 2023 like never before. A quick keyword search validates my findings. According to UberSuggest, the number of searches has increased after May of this year. True to the fact, I’ve seen weddings where a Mandalorian theme played as the groom, a Star Wars fan, walked down the aisle. Mariachi bands have played at other weddings where the couple wanted to honor their cultural roots. You also can't go wrong with a solo violinist or guitarist playing a customized version of your favorite song after you're pronounced married (check out Moses Lin Music!). With people keen on leaving a personal mark with their weddings, it’s a trend that will stay evergreen.

Final Takeaway: 5 Top Wedding Trends For 2024

You’ve got an assortment of trends to hop on come 2024. However, having a “trendy” wedding is not mandatory and totally depends on your unique taste. I hope that with my humble effort, I’ve inspired you to come up with new ideas or even “trends” to set the stage for your wedding. Remember, your wedding is a blank canvas – from photography to the type of band that plays at the wedding. So take your pick and stick to your tastes!


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