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9 Swoon-Worthy Getting Ready Photos You Need In Your Wedding Album

Getting ready pictures are some of the most important pictures in your album. The wedding exhilaration is fresh, and the pictures will likely replicate that. But there are tons of pictures to take regarding "Getting Ready" for the special day. In this blog, I will share 10 stellar getting-ready photos that you must include in your shot list – from a fine art photography perspective! Let's go. 

1. The Giddy Morning 

The adrenaline is always high with the first glimmers of the morning, thanks to the anticipation for this special day. Remember to catch the bride's candid expressions on this beautiful day. 

2. The "Other" Star of the Night

Folklore has it that the bride's wedding dress is one of the most essential elements of the day. Just kidding, but am I? Ensure you capture this crowd-stunner in all glory in a standalone solo shot.

A wedding gown hanging from the windows of The Maxwell House in Pasadena California

3. Lights. Camera. Bride. 

Now veer your focus towards the bride. Frankly, the bride deserves undivided attention after all the wedding planning. Besides, it's her day. Make it count!

4. Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Aka, the dream team that helps actualize the wedding for the couple. Don't forget to take pictures of them with the party they represent (the bride & the groom)!

5. The His & Her Accessories

No wedding look is complete without the details that goes with the bride's dress and the groom's tux. Macro shots capturing the finer details are a surefire way for swoon-worthy getting ready pictures of your dreamiest wedding album. 

6. Slipping Into the Gown

Another beautiful shot encapsulating memories from the day is when the bride gets into her dress. The bride is often assisted by family members and/or bridesmaids. It's an emotional moment – one to be cherished forever. 

7. Pinning the Boutonniere on the Groom's Tux

The groom's equivalent of the bride slipping into her dress is the pinning of the boutonniere of his suit. It might also look like fixing the groom's tie by close friends and family. Again, it's a freeze-worthy shot to reminisce with your wedding album.  

8. The Veil and the Train

Whether it's long or short, the veil and the train on your gown really complete the bridal look. This is definitely a can't-miss shot for the album. 

9. Floral Glory 

Permission to zoom out of the stars of the occasion (bride and groom) and focus on the flowers. The wedding bouquet bears significance to a traditional wedding. It also adds the extra color to the pictures. 

Want dreamy “getting ready” shots like this for your wedding? Let’s talk


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