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Behind the Lens: A Fine Art Wedding Photographer's Creative Process

Do you want your wedding photographs to reflect the romance and dramaticism of your wedding day? If so, fine art photography is the way to go. In this blog I'm taking you behind the scenes of my creative process as a fine art wedding photographer.

The photographer weaves a story of your wedding through fine art wedding photography. It's a unique art form that calls for technicality, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

Enough said. I'm sure you're eager to learn about the process of beautiful storytelling from a photographer's perspective. So, let's dive right in!

Stage 1: Pre-Production

As a fine art wedding photographer, my first step is establishing the foundation for my creative process. This is the "pre-production" stage, which is also a resource-gathering stage.

The process is set afoot with a client consultation call. This is crucial in capturing the essence of the couple, and it provides the best information about the client's vision and aesthetics. I ensure to take notes of specific requests during the call to have a complete idea of their vision.

Throughout the discussion I find out if we're a good fit. I ensure that they are well aware of my editing process and that they love my style.

Next, I scout the wedding venue. Together with my clients, I choose the wedding location that aligns with their vision. I visit the wedding venue beforehand (usually a month prior) and scope out potential photo opportunities. This is to get a feel of the lighting and layout of the space. I love to play around with various perspectives during the actual wedding day.

Finally, I prepare the equipment and gear required for the special day. My process gives me the confidence to take timeless pictures of the day.

Stage 2: Getting Creative

This stage is hands down my favorite. My creative process is a blend of diligent preparation (from the pre-production stage), intentional composition, and lighting.

On the wedding day, I consider various photography elements while shooting. I love to test out different frames, depths, and perspectives for the photographs. Experimenting with lighting techniques is also a crucial part of my storytelling process. I usually use soft lighting, which brings out the "fine art" look.

Each technique creates a distinct mood and evokes a feeling that is specific to them only. I love tinkering with various methods to create stunning images that weave the story for the day.

The post-processing stage helps cinch my entire vision together, and it's where I apply my signature style through editing. This is why all my photoshoots emerge with a unique charm each time.

Step 3: The Final Product

For the final product, I leverage my technical skills and creativity to craft the day's story. It's my effort to make the couple travel back to the wedding day, and I strive to bring out the romanticism and thrill of the day.

I want them to feel the same emotions they felt on their special day, which is why I carefully review every image that goes live in the online gallery. I dabble with different colors, contrast, and effects to bring an evenness to the look and feel of the final collection. I also ensure that the aesthetic reflects my artistic vision.

I always look at a series of photos from the exact moment and choose the one that best shows the connection between the couple. Sometimes I turn them into black and white to convey even more emotion.

Concluding thoughts:

Your wedding photographs aren't just for the day. It's to treasure for years to come. By choosing a fine art wedding photographer, rest assured that your big day's magic will live on.

Do you want your wedding tale to live on for years to come? See more details here.


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