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Fine Art Wedding Photography: The What, Why, and Worth

Bride holding bouquet

Weddings are momentous and glorious events for every person. It is a special day for everyone, and as a wedding photographer, I am responsible for bringing out the love through my photos.

Through my years of experience as a wedding photographer, one of my favorite ways to showcase love and bonding in a creative manner is through fine art wedding photography. And if you’re wondering what fine art wedding photography is and if it’s worth your investment, you’re in the right place.


  1. What is fine art photography?

  2. What is fine art wedding photography?

  3. Why should you choose it?

  4. Is it worth the investment?

But first, what exactly is “fine art photography”?

Fine art is a way of depicting a subject with a focus on aesthetics. It primarily brings out the creativity of the subject through a complete expression of an artist's imagination and originality.

Fine art is not bound by commercial realities, like tight schedules or walled creativity. It gives space for the fullest expression of self, imagination, and artistry.

Fine art photography is incredibly potent in displaying these aspects. It lends supreme importance to original compositions and creatively-molded perspectives. But mostly it integrates storytelling into photography in a way that maintains a flow from the first picture to the last.

Fine art photography for weddings, though?

Fine art wedding photography celebrates the coming together of passion, drama, and emotions through film and pictures. Having photographs that tell a story immortalizes one of the biggest days of your life. The photography style blends dreaminess in a documentary form, which gives it a whimsical feel.

Why should you choose fine art wedding photography?

With fine art wedding photography, you are assured of beautiful and streamlined storytelling. Every shot is a work of art and fits cohesively with the overall feel and theme of the wedding. Here are some reasons why fine art photography elevates your wedding documentation:

  1. The photographs are tied with an overall vision and a big picture. It’s not a shot-upon-shot scenario, but an intentional practice, where each picture is a part of a bigger story.

  2. The photographs exude the “film effect”, with a “light and airy” feel and a combination of natural lighting and soft, pastel colors.

  3. The devil is in the details and this style gives due importance to the adage. So, you can expect styled shots of finer decor items like florals, invitations, fashion, etc.

  4. Very natural (yet romantic!) portraits even from non-models are one of the specialties of fine art wedding photography. Even if you consider yourself camera-shy or a stiff poser, a fine art wedding photographer will ensure that you are your absolute best version of the day.

So, is fine art wedding photography worth the investment?

Fine art wedding photography brings out the best in people. A photographer with expertise in this type of photography has a deep understanding of people. They are a visionary who demonstrates your wedding story cohesively and in turn incorporating every detail. Considering the overhead costs of the high-end camera and lenses needed to create these images, it can fall on the slightly expensive side. But the return on the investment comes in the form of a beautifully documented event and consistent outcome in terms of styling, color palettes, and tones in the photos.

Like what you see? Want soft, romantic creativity to spruce up your perfect day? Get in touch with me here!


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