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Anya's Bridal Shower in Beverly Hills

Anya with her fiancé in her bridal shower at Beverly Hills
Anya with her friends at her bridal shower at Beverly Hills

Last month, I drove up to Beverly Hills for Anya's bridal shower. In this blog, I walk you behind the scenes of this beautifully conspired event on one fine sunny LA morning. One of the most exciting things I want to showcase with this blog is the theme for this bridal shower, so I hope you stay tuned, for it's going to spark some creative ideas for your bridal shower!

Let's dive in!

Anya's Bridal Shower at a Beverly Hills' Private Estate

Much like the other buildings in the city, the private estate where Anya made the base of her "to be married" celebrations was also posh and architecturally marvelous. The private estate featured a lush green backyard with a sapphire poolside – also the bridal bash spot. An epitome of luxury, the private estate was a sleek, modern-style building with outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas. Donning a grand facade in the heart of LA, it was an obvious choice for Anya.

The Saint Tropez Aesthetic

Along with Aliana Events, Anya planned a casual poolside garden party with a Saint Tropez theme. If you're unsure what the theme entailed -- think of the French Riviera town of Saint Tropez. It's luxury, coastal charm, and bohemian vibe all in one. To flesh the theme out for the party, the planner did a phenomenal job of tying all the elements to boho-chic. With flowy fabrics draping the tables and eclectic accessories, you can see the bohemian Saint Tropez theme sprinkled everywhere.

The Fashion

This brings me to the dress code for the event. True to the overall aesthetic, floral summer dresses were the go-to pick for guests and Anya. Anya's was a gorgeous beige short summer dress with a sweetheart neckline and long, off-the-shoulder sleeves. It accomplished two goals, in my opinion – a.) it's the color of the summer, and b.) Saint Tropez! If you ask me, this created a look of fun – something we all love more of in the pre-wedding season, amirite?

Food & Decor

The food and the decor carried over figments of the aesthetic in the most wonderful ways. At the dining table, light green and white tablecloth draped the wooden long table. Floral green tableware was carefully laid on the table with a fun menu with all the summer colors. Continuing with the bohemian designs, the chairs were in the color beige, just like you'd see on a beachside. Many refreshing and colorful drinks were served on beautiful acrylic plates. The food spread was also delightful – with multiple bite-sized starters and a fun fruits-n-veggies spread.

Wrapping Up: All The Fun From Beverly Hills

After a fun day of mingling with friends and family and dancing to trumpets and DJs' tunes, it was time to part ways. The countdown to the wedding day officially began!

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