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Featured in People Magazine: Christine Chiu's Birthday Bash in Turks & Caicos

Christine Chiu's birthday shot for People Magazine
Christine Chiu's birthday bash shot for People Magazine

In December, I got this exhilarating call from Bling Empire's Christine Chiu, wanting to fly me out and photograph her 40th birthday bash. I was super excited about this opportunity because, having worked with Christine before, I know she's one of a kind. I uttered an emphatic yes and prepped for my trip to one of the most iconic locations I've ever been to — Emara at Turks and Caicos, which also happened to be Prince's Caribbean estate.

Emara: The Dreamiest Private Estate Of Turks and Caicos

Upon arriving at Emara, I realized it was nothing short of a paradise. Spread over 5.7 acres on the archipelago's largest island, the luxurious private estate had everything you can ask for — from 17 bedrooms across two wings to infinity pools that blend seamlessly with the ocean. You can see stunning white sandy beaches and turquoise waters from the rooms, which look ethereal under the moonlight.

With all its beauty, Christine chose Turk and Caicos after "falling in love with the story behind Emara and the property itself." The Emara is a tribute to the 80's pop-sensation Purple Rain by the late artist. The driveway to the private estate, shining in purple shades, has become a landmark at Providenciales.

My Five-Day Stay For Christine Chiu's 40th Birthday Bash

Every day during my five-day stay, I'd wake up and stroll around the place that always left me in awe. The sleek interiors showcased a modern aesthetic with clean lines and neutral tones. I learned that each of the bedrooms in this Caribbean haven was an ode to Prince's songs. The property also housed multiple design elements custom created by him. No wonder the interiors were stunning!

During the stay, we had delicious local food by Chef Adrian Forte, enjoyed the private beach, and watched performances by Dancing With The Stars pro dancers (even getting my dance on while I took pictures)! On the day of her carnival-themed bash, she wore a purple dress with a feather headdress, which was custom made by a Dancing with the Stars costume designer. Total Prince vibes, I'd say! She went all out on throwing the most lavish bash I'd ever been to — with fire dancers, a traditional Junkanoo band, and some glorious fireworks.

A Note Of Gratitude For Christine Chiu

From impromptu pajama karaoke nights to lazing about in infinity pools to pouring "pounds of caviar over baked potatoes" — this trip gave me memories to cherish for a lifetime! I am immensely grateful to Christine for placing faith in me to capture her 40th birthday bash in all its glory.

Check out the feature in People Magazine HERE.


Assistant: @abby_townson

Photography: @lisettegatliff

Makeup: @abramovicm


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