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Nick Cannon And Bre Tiesi's Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi's son, Legendary At A Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches with an adorable munchkin – that’s what an otherwise mundane Tuesday looked like for me a couple of weeks ago. In this blog, I’m taking you behind the scenes of Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi’s visit to a pumpkin patch in Orange County with their son, Legendary.

Curious to read the play-by-play of this cuteness overload? Keep reading. 

Before The Pumpkin Patch Visit

I’ve known Bre Tiesi since Christine Chiu‘s hairstylist and photographer extroadinaire, Chris Martin, recommended me to her. Before the pumpkin patch adventure, I had already done two sessions with her adorable baby, Legendary. Bre has always been a delight to work with, which is why when she called me last minute to do pumpkin patch pictures, I excitedly said yes! Since Nick Cannon was filming for one of his shows in Orange County, it was a perfect opportunity for the family to spend time together afterwards. 

Bre Tiesi and Legendary At An Orange County Pumpkin Patch

Baby Legendary’s Pumpkin Patch Adventure 

I deem this visit an “adventure” because it was one for Legendary. When it came to the activities, Legendary first rode a pony, and his giggles and wide smile were so fun to watch. Next, it was time to pet the zoo animals. The little guy was a tad scared; however, when Nick comforted him, he couldn’t let go! Legendary’s absolute favorite thing was the bubble gun they bought him and the double scoop ice cream afterward.

My Overall Experience with Nick Cannon and Brie Tiesi

I had so much fun during this family session, running around and capturing all of the cute moments. Even with people flocking around Nick and Bre for selfies, they were still able to have a great time, especially little Legendary. Something that stuck with me afterwards was a response Bre had to my asking her if she'd like me to Photoshop the bubbles that were covering her face in one of the pictures. She said, "I honestly don't mind. I'm the background to his happiness." Now if that didn't make you go awwww.

These photos and story were featured on BCK. Take a look here:


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