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Wedding at Ojai Valley Inn | Laurie & Gary

Simplicity is truly the key to beauty. I had the pleasure of capturing serenity in all its glory when I covered Laurie's and Gary's wedding at Ojai Valley Inn last month.

Wedding at Ojai Valley Inn
Laurie & Gary at Ojai Valley Inn

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of weddings? Pomp, glamour, aesthetics. But for Laurie and Gary, the wedding represented simplicity, something akin to a family reunion. I was behind the lens of this beautiful ceremony of the lovely couple, and in this blog, I walk you through it all.

Getting Ready: Ojai Valley Inn

Nestled in the heart of Ojai Valley in California, the Ojai Valley Inn is one of nature's marvels. Thanks to the lush, expansive greenery, you can feel an almost immediate transition to tranquility.

I walked into the bridal suite for the getting ready pictures of our bride, Laurie. She was dressed in a simple white gown with minimalistic accessories. In retrospect, as I was editing the pictures, I realized how dreamy she looked --- with her milky white dress and the soft sunshine shining on her.

The Wedding Ceremony: Soule Park Golf Course

After getting my desired shots for the getting ready portion of the day, we headed to the Soule Park Golf Course for the wedding ceremony. The golf course is tucked within the rolling hills of California near Santa Barbara. Its green lawns and towering trees make for a beautiful canvas.

As Laurie walked down the aisle arm-in-arm with her son and daughter, Gary waited for her in his Oxford blue suit. Seeing her, he teared up.

The ceremony was officiated by Laurie's and Gary's friend, a pastor. A beautiful flower archway stood tall at the ceremony location. The hills overlooked the scenery. As they uttered their "I do's," you could see happy tears in the audience. It was a magical moment indeed.

After the ceremony, I had the opportunity to take the couple out for what we call romantics, shots of just the two of them. The natural beauty of the Soule Golf Course offered so many perspectives for the photoshoot. I loved how everything from the decor to the attire matched the simple wedding tone that Gary and Laurie desired.

The Reception: Ojai Valley Inn

As you can see, Laurie and Gary chose to skip over many traditional wedding ceremonies to keep the event simple. They decided on the Ojai Valley for their celebration because it was where they spent much of their time on this golf course when they were dating and where Gary eventually proposed.

Everything in the reception was immaculately arranged. The interiors were brightly lit with chandeliers and candles and the tables were adorned by beautiful flower centerpieces. The reception was filled with heartwarming conversations — very true to the "family reunion" vision the couple wanted.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was a beautiful experience to be part of Laurie and Gary's world on one of their most special days. I'll be forever grateful to experience this beautiful event!

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Florals: Ojai Blooms


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