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Wedding at Falkner Winery, Temecula | Jenny & Jason

Let me take you back to Jenny and Jason's wedding at the Falkner Winery, Temecula – a wedding filled with summer colors and wine.

Jenny & Jason after their wedding at Falkner Winery, Temecula
Jenny & Jason after their wedding at Falkner Winery, Temecula

In this blog, I take you behind the scenes of one of the most beautiful weddings I had the privilege to participate in. With a burgundy and black aesthetic, Jenny and Jason tied the knot in a breathtaking vineyard in CA. Curious to see how that panned out? Keep reading along!

Falkner Winery, Temecula

One of the most stunning wineries in California, Falkner Winery is a favorite spot for couples across the globe to celebrate their special day. It was no different for Jenny and Jason, who were drawn to the thriving green grapevines. Nestled atop a hill, you can easily view the entire Temecula Valley through the sprawling estate.

As for the architecture, the buildings were of a Mediterranean influence with stucco walls and tall arched doorways. The attraction, of course, lies in the photography amidst the long stretches of grape vines. I must say, the venue is a photographer's treat – for you get to experiment with different angles in this captivating abode of nature.

The Aesthetic: Decor

When it came to their wedding vision, Jenny chose a wine color for dresses and decor to go with the wedding at Falkner Winery. The dominant colors were black and burgundy, which gave off a luxurious vibe. You can find hints of gold within the plates and other table decor, which cemented the luxurious vibe.

The florists at HCD Weddings did a phenomenal job choosing wine-red flowers for the event. You could see loads of velvety maroon roses and pastel pink carnations. Apart from that, this deep red was also the color of the ring holders and napkins.

Bride & Groom: Getting Ready

When I got to the Falkner Winery, Jenny was in a white and wine-red floral robe. Shortly afterward she changed into a Lillian West lace gown. She looked ethereal with a bold eye make-up. Her dress had little white flowers of lace stitched to the sleeves and back.

Jason, on the other side, was in an onyx black tux from Michael Kors. He wore a white shirt and a black bowtie with a red rose boutonniere. As for the first look, they met at the stairway down by the ceremony location. They were both teary-eyed as they read vows from their respective black-and-white vow books.


Right before the ceremony it rained for about 10 minutes, and then the sun came out and everything was perfect the rest of the day. After they said their "I do's," Jenny and Jason toasted Temecula's finest wine.

After the excitement settled, I stole the couple away for their portrait shots. Falkner Winery's a nature haven, so there was no shortage of great backdrops. I played around with different perspectives and used natural lighting to create the shots. The couple was easy-going and genuinely a delight to work with!

Wrapping Up

Jenny and Jason returned to the reception venue for the celebrations. A lot of dance and joy filled the night, and guests even got to enjoy a treat from the ice cream bar. They had the perfect ending to their wedding reception with a bubble and sparkler exit.

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Venue: @falknerwinery_weddings Coordinator: @classykayevents Photography: @lisettegatliff DJ: @prosounddjs Florals: @hcdweddings Cake: @cakestocelebrate Ice cream: @theicecreampeddler Hair+Makeup: @luonglastingteam Invitation: @paperculture Gown: @bylillianwest Bridesmaid Dresses: @birdygrey Menswear: @michaelkors


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