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Destination Wedding Photography: 5 Questions to Find the Perfect Photographer

Bride and groom kissing in front of the Louvre in Paris, France
Paris Destination Wedding Shoot

Destination weddings can be overwhelming. Hiring the right destination wedding photographer is vital. Here are 5 questions to find your dreamy photographer for your dream day!

Destination weddings are dreamy and exciting. Whether you say "I do!" on a sunkissed beach or a snowy mountain peak, finding the right people to capture your vision is crucial. This is where the bubbling excitement can turn into crushing overwhelm.

Destination wedding photography is a key element for a perfect wedding. I've compiled a list of 5 questions to help you figure out the right wedding photographer. Sounds cool? Keep reading along!

1. Do they have experience with destination weddings?

The right photographer can make all the difference in a destination wedding. A pro photographer navigates seamlessly through the challenges a new destination offers.

Are you heading to the tropics with exotic culture? The right photographer will bring out the loud colors and essence of it. Do you need help with coordinating travel logistics? Your pro photographer will have that covered too.

Take it from me. During our shoot in Paris last month, we woke up early to catch the golden hour glow of the Eiffel Tower. The lighting is soft and natural in the early morning, which was a delight for me as a photographer.

2. What's their photography style?

A photographer's portfolio is a snapshot of their style. It's important to review past work for destination wedding photography. It's where you see their creativity, which is paramount for a beautiful wedding album.

Another critical thing to look out for is consistency in their photography style. Observe which style they lean more toward. Is it fine art, documentary, or editorial? Picture your wedding aesthetic with each of these techniques. Is your vision being adequately captured?

It's essential to feel the "vibe" of each picture reflected in the album. Can you differentiate the feel in different location settings? Your destination will likely have a one-of-a-kind sense to it. Ensure that your photographer's skilled enough to capture that.

3. Can they seamlessly adapt to shoot locations?

When it comes to destination wedding photography, adaptability and flexibility are key. That's because different locations offer a unique set of challenges. You'll hardly find homogeneity in the lighting conditions in any two locations.

This is why, while reviewing your photographer's portfolio, watch out for the lights, tones, and presets they've used. Inquire about their experience during consultation calls. How did they overcome the lighting issues in a dimly lit cathedral? How do they play around with natural light at outdoor weddings?

Another factor specific to destination weddings is spontaneity. Imagine gasping upon seeing the Eiffel Tower and your wedding photographer capturing this exhilaration. Won't that bring back the flurry of beautiful emotions from that day when you flip through your wedding album? Destination weddings are a hotbed of candid moments. Ensure your photographer is on their toes fishing for and seizing those moments.

4. Are they familiar with your desired destination?

When I said that having a pro photographer for your destination wedding is an asset, I meant it. Imagine having someone onboard who knows all the hidden visual gems and picturesque locations. Imagine being guided to the best sunset spots for your after-wedding portrait pictures. Won't that be an excellent addition to your wedding album?

However, it's okay not to choose a destination wedding photographer from the destination country. You can ask for your photographer's travel experiences on your consultation call.

Photographers who can navigate effortlessly will bring a dreamy "This is the wedding I also want for myself" feel when looking through their wedding galleries. So make it a must to ask if they are well aware of the destination.

5. Are they professional in their approach?

The professionalism of vendors in destination wedding photography is a no brainer. You certainly don't want your wedding photographer to show up after you've got your hair and makeup done — they need to be on time for your "getting ready" pictures.

Also, I hate to break it to you: a photographer you have no connection with can't do justice to your vision. As a destination wedding photographer, I cannot stress the importance of crystal-clear communication.

As a client, when you lucidly convey your vision, it helps your photographer to paint the aesthetic. They help to reflect your personality and style. Your wedding is a collaborative effort, after all.

Final Thoughts

I get it. Choosing the right destination wedding photographer takes time and effort. It's a considerable investment, after all. You don't want to hire and regret! These 5 questions will keep you grounded while navigating this important decision.

Remember, it's not just about finding someone who takes great pictures. It's also about finding the person you connect with who gets the ins and outs of your vision. It's a memory to be forever cherished — so make sure you take your sweet time to find someone who fits the bill.

If you think we'd connect, hop on a consultation call with me. Let's realize your dream destination wedding together!


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