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Shoot & Share Contest 2019

The 2019 photo contest results are in! Each year, I love participating in the biggest photography contest worldwide: Shoot & Share. Here’s how this unique contest works:

In this completely free and fair online contest, photographers from all over the globe can submit their top 50 photos. This year, more than 46,000 talented photographers submitted their work (over half a million photos)! Every photo is given equal opportunity to be voted on and displayed hundreds of times to the voting community. Online members (open to anyone) simply hop on and vote. Voters are shown groups of 4 photos, and they vote for their favorite in the group. They can do as many rounds of voting as they like. Click [here] to check out their site to learn more and vote in the next contest!

About the images from me!

Now that you know the details, I’m so excited to announce that 29 of the 50 photos I entered into the Shoot & Share contest won an award, ranging from finalist (top 500) to top 30% in my photos’ respective categories!

My photos covered a wide range of styles and life stages – an ethereal desert photo of a bride standing in front of Joshua tree; a lifestyle photo capturing the beauty of simplicity as two siblings played on the floor; the happiness of the moment as a bride and groom met for the first time on their wedding day, her veil trailing out behind her in the breeze. Photography is about the details in life—both grand and small. Whether it’s a striking photo of bride or a heartwarming photo of a little girl playing hopscotch— I love them all. These snapshot photos throughout our journeys make up the fabric of our entire lives. All of the sweet, simple moments put together make up a beautiful masterpiece.

I am so thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve had to capture such meaningful occasions and unbridled joy in front of my lens! Check out all of my contest images below!


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