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How to Choose Wedding Entertainment When Your Partner Has a Different Taste in Music

Man playing guitar at wedding in Ojai California

From magicians to live bands, there’s plenty of different entertainment options to choose

from for your wedding day. For most couples, great music goes hand in hand with a

wonderful celebration. But, how do you choose entertainment for your wedding, if your

partner has a different taste in music? Ahead, we take a look at a few of the different ways to

tackle this common conundrum.

Pick a versatile band

Ideally, you’ll want to find a wedding band that is able to take any song, no matter the style

or genre, and adapt it to suit your needs. Perhaps you’ll want your musician to perform a fun

remix on a classic favorite, or, maybe you’ll want to find a band adept at making modern

hits more traditionally romantic and wedding day appropriate.

By choosing to hire a band that’s versatile in this way, many couples find that they’re able to

perfectly marry two different tastes in music – a wonderful way to enjoy all your favorite

songs, while still staying true to your partner’s preferences.

For a top tip, consider choosing a jazz band to play on your wedding day. They tend to be

great for putting a fun, up-beat spin on any genre – plus, the jazz genre is widely loved for its

classics, too.

Make it your own

While many of us may wince at the thought, for particularly creative or daring couples,

writing music presents as a welcomed challenge – and is a wonderful way to put a unique

spin on the reception portion of your evening. Of course, you may want to leave it to the

professionals, and consider chatting to someone about getting a custom wedding song

written and produced. You’ll want to explain to them the importance of incorporating the

music tastes of both you and your partner – this way, you’ll be left with a special song that

you both will cherish.

Alternatively, couples wanting a laid back wedding reception could consider karaoke as a

form of entertainment. This will give both you and your guests a chance to have a bit of fun

and enjoy any song that strikes your fancy – you’ll likely find that your guests are open to

performing any and every genre requested of them. Besides this, what better way to

celebrate your wedding day than to get up there in the spotlight with your partner?

Leave it up to chance

Sometimes we just don’t get what we want – and when it comes to love, we’re usually pretty

happy to sacrifice some of our own needs for the sake of the other.

For music lovers who cringe at the thought of their beloved classic rock songs being

performed as country ballads, it may be that compromise is the answer – and this is often

best achieved through a simple game of chance. You may want to consider putting all of

your musical entertainment options into a hat, and then leave the picking up to the bridal

party or groomsmen – this is a wonderful way to add a little fun to your engagement party or


Don’t forget, many couples choose to forgo musical entertainment altogether, and opt to

book something else entirely for their wedding day – perhaps an interactive photo booth, or a

live painter. Many of these alternative forms of entertainment are a treat with guests and make for some unique memories for you and your partner to share.

Take a leap of faith

While it might not have been your first choice, you may come to love your partner’s taste in

music following the performance of their chosen wedding band. Ultimately, your wedding day

is all about having fun, and celebrating love – so it’s best not to worry too much about getting

the music perfect, and instead focus on letting each moment move you.


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