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Gender Reveal Party in Orange County | Necole & Ramzy

Sometimes, the most fun days come in shades of blue. The gender reveal party for Necole and Ramzy’s baby was a joyous day I’ve had the pleasure of photographing in a while. Let me walk you through this color-filled day I got to experience this November.

Let’s go! 

The Venue & Decor

Necole and Ramzy arranged a garden party for the gender reveal, leaning into a soft yet upbeat aesthetic. Every tiny detail was either baby pink or baby blue, which interplayed beautifully with each other. They also arranged for giant letters spelling out “BABY,” which made for a pretty photo op moment. As for the soon-to-be parents, Necole was dolled up in a playful pink dress, whereas Ramzy donned a subtler look. The ice cream stall was one of my favorite highlights, as it made for good food and great photos! 

The Gender Reveal 

An hour into the party, a helicopter came swooshing into the arena. Now, it was not a regular helicopter. It would, in fact, reveal the gender of the baby. As Necole pressed the TNT, the helicopter released blue smoke – showing that the couple was due to have a baby boy! Everyone erupted into cheers and happy tears.

Post Party Scenes 

After the excitement had settled in, we clicked a few portraits of the pregnant couple. Against the greenery, the couple looked breathtaking. In the evening, they cut the cake to celebrate the new boy, who is due in April next year. 

That was a wrap from Necole and Ramzy’s party to celebrate the to-be new kid in the block. It was indeed a delightful event to be a part of. 


Catering: @chamyaonline


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