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Engagement Session at Victoria Beach | Laura & Alvin

There’s a reason so many love songs mention California (actually, many reasons). The Golden State seems to glow all year ‘round. Whether you’re in the mountain region, wine country, or on the coast, the state offers so many prime locations for couples to explore and relax in front of breathtaking horizons (and built-in backdrops for photographers!).

Laura and Alvin chose to do their engagement session at Victoria Beach, a favorite and unique location in Laguna Beach because of its fairytale tower. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. We’re entering wintertime, but the sun displayed its warm rays, and the blue waves rolled in here on the coast. These two were so happily in love and comfortable in front of the lens, so I had a blast capturing their candid photos from fun angles. Laura and Alvin have such a refreshing and easy kind of love. They’re so personable and genuine, I felt like I had known this couple for years. There’s no doubt that their relationship was meant to be.

Laura's daughter joined them also. I loved seeing the three of them interact—they’ve already formed their little family. It’s easy to see that Alvin is wrapped around that little girl’s finger, but she adores him right back. They all fit together so perfectly.

We had gorgeous California weather and a marvelous sunset despite it being winter. Mother Nature put on her best show for Laura and Alvin’s engagement shoot. I am so excited for these two! Relax and enjoy the engagement period—your big day will be here before you know it!


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