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Preparing for Your Engagement Session

You may have already heard that your wardrobe is one of the biggest determining factors in the overall feel and theme of your photo session. No pressure, but the outfits you choose ultimately establish if your shoot is casual, formal, romantic, sexy, flirty, or fun. The fun part is that you can change! Even in a short photoshoot, you can instantly go from fun and flirty to poised and elegant with a single wardrobe change, which will offer you a variety of images in your engagement collection.

That being said, I have a few suggestions and guidelines to help you pull off the perfect look for your engagement session. I want you to adore your save the dates. This is probably your first professional photoshoot as a couple, so I want to help you create images that you’re proud to display for years to come – after all, engagement is the first step in your journey together!

1. No Matching Solids

Matching white shirts are fine for a huge family session, but since it’s just the two of you, show off your personality by going beyond the matching solid shirts, which will make you look more like siblings than a couple.

2. Complement, Don’t Clash

Patterns are fun, but choose patterns and colors that pair well together. Maybe she can wear a sundress with pretty floral design while he wears a solid-colored button down that matches the colors in her dress. And don’t be afraid of a little color – it adds dimension to your photos and makes you a focal point in the image. 

We also encourage a few accessories like a chunky necklace (not reflective), fun heels, or a scarf to add texture. If you aren’t sure, bring it all, and we’ll help you decide!

3. Bring Two Styles

Most likely, you will have a chance for at least one wardrobe change at your session. Start off with something casual and cute, and then take it up a notch with dressier outfits for a romantic look as the sun sets behind you. You’ll appreciate having the variety in your photos!

4. Splurge on Professional Hair and Makeup

Go ahead and make that appointment. You deserve to be pampered, and professional hair and makeup artists know how to keep the frizz down, the makeup on, and your eyes popping. Because of the flash and sunlight, photos require a little more oomph than your everyday makeup application. Getting someone to do your hair and makeup will ensure that your gorgeous features are highlighted in the best way possible.

Take a look at these examples from past engagement sessions!


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