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Disney's The Haunted Mansion Movie Premiere | Generation Tux

Dreams do come true. This time it was me, as the photographer representative of Generation Tux, for Disney's The Haunted Mansion Movie Premiere.

The Haunted Mansion Movie Premiere at Disneyland
The Haunted Mansion Movie Premiere at Disneyland

There are movies. And then there are Disney movies — the ones we grew up watching and admiring. Now imagine you are one of the few people who get the opportunity to catch the premiere of Disney's latest movie and capture the red carpet event for it. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

In this blog, I take you behind the scenes of Disney's The Haunted Mansion Premiere at Disneyland, which I had the privilege to attend — thanks to Generation Tux.

The Haunted Mansion X Generation Tux

For this event, Generation Tux partnered with Disney to do cross-promotion for the Haunted Mansion movie. I received a press badge from Disneyland to capture the red carpet shots. The event was a raging discussion in the news, being the first premiere after the SAG-AFTRA strike announcement. Consequently, all the Hollywood heavyweights from the movie were missing on the red carpet.

Apart from the fact that I had the time of my life doing photoshoots for the event, I actually got to ride the Haunted Mansion as many times as I wanted, minus the line! If this isn't the dream, I don't know what is. Another little perk was that I got to stand behind the ropes, separating the event from the public.

This fruitful collaboration paved the way for me to experience one of the best days of my life — for which I'm forever grateful!

The Haunted Mansion Premiere At The Hyperion Theatre

After I captured photo ops of the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, we took a bus through the backstage area to get to California Adventure (where the movie would show at the Hyperion Theatre). We were not allowed to take pictures backstage, but we got to see where they stored the parade floats and other props for the movie.

Once we got to California Adventure, they had a red carpet and more photo-op stations. Generation Tux had two — a mirror right as you got to the red carpet for people to take selfies and a photo booth further down. People mingled, admired the displays, and enjoyed food and cocktails.

Once inside the theater, the movie's director, Justin Simien, gave a heartwarming speech. I had to head back home midway because my schedule was packed, but it was something to look forward to watching with my kids at home (since of course we have Disney Plus)!

Final Thoughts: A Thank You To Generation Tux

Overall, the experience was a once-in-a-lifetime moment. The Disney fan in me had the time of her life, and I'm incredibly grateful to Generation Tux.


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