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6 Invaluable Tips for the Perfect First Look

These 6 invaluable tips for the perfect first look will help you crystallize the very moment that sets the stage for the entire wedding.

You've said "Yes" to marrying your beau and spent over a month planning the perfect wedding day. The day arrives, and the jitters set in. You're about to enter a new chapter of your life. But then, you see him. You suddenly feel calm — it's the person you chose to love and spend your life with. This is the feeling that a "first look" ceremony encapsulates.

The well of tears and radiant smiles glue the story of your love lives, which is why it's so important to capture the moment as-is. A "perfect" first look results from your raw emotions captured beautifully by your photographer. Choosing the right photographer becomes vital here because they freeze the frame effortlessly all thanks to their keen artistic eye and technical expertise!

I know this can sound daunting, so I've come up with 7 invaluable tips for the perfect first look — from a photographer's perspective. Let's dive right in!

1. The timing game

You've probably heard it repeated several times — it's all about the timing. First, you need to keep in mind that a first-look moment is to be savored. So, pencil in enough time (by talking with your photographer) to let the emotions flow unfiltered as the time arrives.

Second, huddle up with your photographer to choose the best time of the day. Your photographer can help you decide — is there enough natural lighting for the picture? Which location should you choose? Is there anything personal that can be woven into the first look? You could brainstorm these questions with your photographer for breathtaking pictures.

2. Positioning of the couple is key

Typically, the groom should face away from the spot that the bride enters. This means that the positioning of the groom and the path of entry for the bride is crucial. They must be at an optimum distance from each other since that makes the photoshoot easier.

Besides, walking the bride and groom through the exact scene is important. It’s the time to focus on one another and bring out the raw emotions that spill through.

3. Keep your photographer in the loop

This one's obvious, and I've been going at it since the beginning of this blog. You cannot ditch your photographer while planning for your "perfect" first look. That's because the photographer herself, through her expertise, is at the core of the perfection you seek in your pictures.

So, communicate effectively with them. Give them a vivid description of your vision and what you want to feel like during and after the photoshoot. Don't hesitate to share your Pinterest board (or any inspirational pictures) because that gives us the visual cues to work off. Collaboration is key!

4. Infuse your personal touch

What are some standout elements in your love story? Did you meet at a library, stealing glances as you poured through Jane Austen? Recreate that. Did you meet them while dancing all night in the club? Use a disco ball as one of your props. I've even seen a bumblebee incorporated into a theme for a couple who met on the dating site Bumble! And, of course, if you'd rather keep your first look simple, reading personal vows to each other is one of the most personal touches.

Weave these "I thank my lucky stars for meeting them" moments into a well-crafted story. Tell your photographer and let them pitch in their ideas for the same. You'll have pictures you'll hold dear for the rest of your life while recreating an unforgettable experience.

5. Get your loved ones in the mix

Everything has been about you and your partner, from the location to the timing to the props. If you want to add a layer of lovely warmth to your pictures, there's no better way than to invite your close ones to witness this magical moment.

You can coordinate with your parents and siblings or your partner's parents and siblings. The goal is to immortalize the all-encompassing love around you. So, capture it all together and let the smiles create the most wonderful pictures for you!

6. Embrace the unexpected

No matter how beautifully you've planned your wedding, some surprises will pop up. If you're a type A personality, you can easily be thrown off. But rather than being startled by it, why not take this as an opportunity to have fun?

Loosen up and let your hair down! If it helps, prepare for it. Having a plan B can give you much-needed peace of mind. Flexibility in your schedule will help you quell the nervousness and allow you the best time!

6 Invaluable tips for the perfect first look: final thoughts

With these 6 invaluable tips, you can choose the perfect location, time, outfit, and mindset for orchestrating the perfect first look. Having clarity in your mind about which details you want to incorporate makes way for a seamless experience.

Looking for a photographer who can capture your vision and create photos that make you travel back to the day? Check out my services here.


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