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How To Plan A Surprise Proposal Photoshoot

Boyfriend proposing to girlfriend on rooftop surrounded by red roses, a violinist, during sunset with Los Angeles city views

Explore how to plan a surprise proposal photoshoot that is exciting, fun, and meaningful.

So, you've met the person of your dreams, you're ready to spend your whole life with them. You've planned it all out down to the date, the location, and the music. One of the most defining moments of your life is about to become real!

Now that you've locked in the details, it's essential to plan a surprise proposal photoshoot that will seize the entire day. This could be overwhelming, but worry not, I've got your surprise proposal all covered.

First: Hire a photographer

This might seem like an obvious step but this is what people push down to the last of the priority list because, well, we all have that one friend who owns a DSLR and can take pictures. But hiring a pro has clear advantages:

1. Chances are your pro photographer has already shot a surprise proposal before. So you can leave all your logistical worries aside and let the pro take care of the rest.

2. A professional photographer already has a workaround with high-speed shots, which will save the day when it gets emotional and teary-eyed in the midst.

(P.S: If you feel like I might be your girl, check out more info here)

Pro tip: Have detailed conversations with your photographer about whatever you've planned so far. This will help both of you be on the same page regarding the flow of the photography and will seem more natural.

Second: Plan the proposal & the purpose!

Hear me out! You've got to zero in on the purpose of your proposal to make it work. By this I mean that you would want to get clarity on how the proposal should look like. Should you be down on one knee at a gathering with friends and family to witness? Or should you just casually pop the question as you're walking along your favorite trail?

Make sure that you are taking your S/O's personality into the picture. Ask their friends and close ones how they want to be proposed to and figure out the best possible way to do that!

Pro tip: Include your wedding photographer in the planning process. They will help you get the details right - you know, the flattering lighting, the perfect angle to get the reaction - those moments.

Third: Embrace the mess.

Let's face it. It's going to be messy. Tears, runny noses, wiped-off makeup - these are things that we can see with every genuine surprise proposal. So chuck the worry away and get comfortable with the messiness because it's the good kind, the kind that makes the pictures so much better.

Pro tip: Carry a box of tissues and essential make-up for your beloved for the photo shoot after the surprise proposal.

Final Notes

Schedule some alone time with each other to soak in the glorious moment before you make announcements on your social media. That way you can acknowledge the efforts from all sides and appreciate your love.

It's a beautiful moment. Make the most of it by capturing your love in front of a pro's lens.


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