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How to Curate an Unforgettable Wedding Exit

Though your special day may be drawing to a close, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t curate one last spectacular display of your love, with a wedding exit to remember. Whether you’re looking for the perfect way to wrap up your ceremony, or help to ensure that your final send-off goes off with a bang, there’s a few things to consider when planning for such a special moment.


In this guide, we share our thoughts on how to curate a wedding exit that’ll be unforgettable for both newlyweds and guests alike.

Make it Grand

For the couple hoping to make a statement, fireworks can make a great send off. In fact, your firework display can double up as a source of entertainment, and would be a wonderful way to create a smooth transition from the evening reception to the final round of goodbyes.


Alternatively, if you’re not ones to shy away from the spotlight, you could consider a couples dance to wrap up the night. Treat it like a second first dance, and opt for something romantic. Or have a little fun, and choreograph an entertaining performance that’ll leave your guests giggling long into the night.

Keep it Simple

Most couples choose to have their guests shower them in confetti following their exit from the ceremony venue – it’s tradition, after all. But what many don’t know is that your confetti doesn’t always have to be rice or dried flower petals, nor does it have to be reserved for day-time festivities.


Late into the night, you can get a little more playful with your exit, perhaps opting for glitter instead of confetti, or even a surprise spray of champagne. Some trend-setter couples have even chosen to be showered in colourful pom poms as they exit their ceremony or reception venue.


If you don’t fancy the mess of glitter or champagne, you could always have your guests wave you out with sparklers or smoke flares instead. While you’ll still be treated to the walk through smiling friends and family, you won’t have to worry about your professional hair and make up looking worse for wear.

Something Meaningful

Perhaps you want your wedding exit to hold a special, sentimental meaning. In this case, you could consider having your guests write notes of happy wishes for you and your partner, which are then attached sky lanterns – this would make for a beautiful but cosy send off.


Alternatively, for a more eco-friendly option, you could have your guests attach the notes to pretty, colourful kites. This way, you’ll be able to get the notes back and read through them after your wedding day. For a top tip, remember to adorn your kites with pretty lights if planning to fly them at night.


Having your guests write sentimental notes is a wonderful way to connect at the end of your special day. This works particularly well for large weddings, where there may not be enough time to chat with each and every person throughout the day.

An Unforgettable Send-off

Ultimately, whether you choose to gaze at lanterns or fireworks or be sprinkled with confetti, it’s the people that you share your wedding exit with that will make it an unforgettable experience. Such a special day calls for a spectacular exit, and there’s no better way to achieve this than with the support of each of your loved ones.


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