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Featured Vendor: Rancho Las Lomas

If a private estate with a rich history, beneath the Orange County foothills, is at the top of your priorities for your wedding or the next gala that you’re planning, I’ve got the perfect venue for you. Presenting: Rancho Las Lomas - Southern California’s quaint, most picturesque private estate that houses an open-air museum and botanical gardens, amid several breathtaking bungalows.

Rancho Las Lomas: The History

Perched beautifully amid healthy autumnal foliage, the Rancho Las Palmas is believed to be handed down to a prominent So Cal family from the native Indians. However, the whimsical beauty acquired its peak recognition when the Lawrence family purchased it around four decades ago…reportedly through a horse race!

Most of the renovations that we now see were done by the Lawrence couple, which again came as a byproduct of a particular hobby of theirs - collection! So, think of hand-painted figures, century-old street lamps, and even special mural tiles from Portugal - the villa has it all.

The Architecture

Rancho las Lomas is reminiscent of Spanish colonial architecture, which can be instinctively gauged from its hacienda-style buildings. The 32-acre area is widespread with citrus groves, fall trees like oak and sycamore, and plenty of flowering shrubs. The gardens look gorgeous with terracotta bridges and walkways - a stroll around which can take someone away from the concrete forests of the city.

Main Attractions:

The 32-acre-wide Ranchos is home to some of the most beautiful backdrops in the whole of Southern California with some eye-catching venues which are all interconnected within a short walking distance. Here are my personal favorites from the location:

Nestled atop the plateau in the gentle rolling slope of Orange County hills, the Grand Salon is one of the grandest indoor spaces in the city. An airy, sunkissed room with stone walls, and impeccable vintage decor, the room is centered by a stunning stone fireplace. Enchanting woodwork dots the entire place - on the doors, windows, and furniture.

The venue also has an adjoining patio, which has a beautiful swimming pool and flowering shrubbery which makes it perfect for any type of gathering - whether indoors or outdoors.

An open-air beauty, La Terraza is perfect for any event - big or small. The entrance is gated by a rustic wooden glass door that leads to an expansive cobblestone driveway surrounded by California oaks and local cacti variety. Stuccowork and period-piece lighting are some of the other brilliant work that stands out in the location.

My favorite part is when the bride descends from a hill through an aged wooden staircase that leads directly to the seating area of the guests. With some magical candle lighting and flower arrangements, the Terraza is supremely romantic yet oddly practical!

A complete open-air theatre with Sycamore foliage, an ornamental gazebo, a marble stage, and a sparkling fountain, this is again one of those perfect places that Rancho Las Lomas has that makes a person go from “Do I” to “I do”. The Teatro has one of the largest spaces inside the rancho, which makes it a go-to place for many ceremonial events.

It is one of the places that reflects the signature Lawrence charm with Portugal murals, handpainted tiles, an elaborate patio, and design elements from the era. Should you choose this venue for your wedding, don’t miss out on the snuggly Casa Bonita adjacent to the Teatro, which with its roomy parlor and fireplace, is one of the prettiest bridal dressing rooms to exist!

Final Thoughts:

You definitely shouldn’t miss out on this rustic, vintage venue for any of your needs. As a wedding photographer, I love that this wedding venue has a Casablanca touch and makes way for a fairytale-like wedding. With the open-air museum with even a white tiger in your midst (crazy, right!?), Rancho Las Lomas is a perfect getaway destination.


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