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Engagement Session at Carbon Canyon Regional Park | Amy & Chandler

I had so much fun with this spunky, upbeat couple! Amy and Chandler love country music, so they decided to showcase that part of their personality with some cowboy boots. Their engagement photos ended up so vibrant and lively, just like them. For this sun-glowing session, we took a long but scenic walk at Carbon Canyon Regional Park in the city of Brea. It is unique because of the small area of redwoods, and the 20-minute walk one way was worth it!

The sun was strong and bright on this warm evening, but I love how the glowing rays pierced through the branches and cast fun shadows on the ground. The tall trees made the session so romantic! Her deep burgundy dress looked so gorgeous on her and paired perfectly with the rich, earthy colors of the forest. Their shadows danced on the red dirt as the dipped and twirled beneath the branches.

We even found a green field with dots of little yellow flowers blowing in the wind. The had fun being together without a care in the world, perfect for their sweet candid shots. I also got a few still, intimate shots in there as they relaxed on a park bench together. The afternoon was so serene and peaceful.

I cannot wait for these two to tie the knot in November! I’m sure they will happily dance the months away together until their big day. It will be here before they know it, and I’m sure we’ll be able to hear their country tunes drifting in the wind as they celebrate their marriage with friends and family. Congratulations on your engagement, Amy and Chandler!


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