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5 Pro Tips For Gorgeous Indoor Wedding Photos

So you’ve dedicated yourself to commemorating your special day in a setting that protects you from unpredictable weather with exceptional backdrops. Cheers to you, my friend! Great move choosing an indoor wedding location. Despite your decision, I know a few questions might be circling in your mind right now.

“Will there be sufficient light for pictures?” 

“Will shadows totally overbear the final photographs?”

“Will an indoor wedding affect my vision?”

These are some very valid concerns. Pictures taken indoors can’t precisely mirror the outdoor ones. However, there are ways in which you can recreate something close. In this blog, I list 5 to help you have a picture-perfect indoor wedding. 

Let’s dive right in!

1. Windows for the Win

I broke into some wordplay there, but I mean it. If you’d love to squelch the lighting problem, seek out life-sized, light-inviting windows within the venue. Windows are great backdrops for silhouette portraits (one of my favorite shots for an indoor wedding, btw). Also, they allow light to pour in, which is always a plus point. 

2. Don’t Write Off the Moody Indoor Vibes

The indoor wedding venues have their own merits, starkly contrasting the outdoor ones. Sure, you won’t get the brightest pictures, but you can always embrace the indoor moodiness created with ambient artificial lights. It’ll be smart to take advantage of the luxe vibe the indoor lighting pieces create. 

3. Black and White Photography to the Rescue

Hello, classiness! When the indoor lighting isn’t up to the mark, going for black-and-white shots can be a great choice. Black and white indoor wedding photography creates timeless pictures, which make your wedding album extra charming. 

4. Find the Most Striking Light for Portraits

If you fish for it, you’ll find it. I mean the perfect lighting for the most gorgeous indoor wedding pictures! In my indoor wedding photos, I always find that the best wedding portraits are always under an exquisite light source (like a chandelier) with little peeks of sunlight (through a window, maybe). Adjusting the white balance and contrast paves the way for the most elegant wedding pictures you can ever ask for!

5. Emphasize Detail Shots

I love macro shots of essential details, the reason being there is magic in the details. Details are doorways of memories, so it’s a must for me always. Some of my favorite macro shots are during the bride and groom’s getting ready shots.  

A Few Technical Tips To Keep In Your Back-Pocket

You didn’t think I’d let you go without some handy technical tips for breathtaking wedding pics, did you? Here are a few things you need to keep in mind for gorgeous indoor wedding pictures from a luxury wedding photographer’s POV –

a.) Use on-camera flash for extra light. 

b.) Mirror reflections and candid shots reflections. 

c.) Adjust the white balance to correct the color of the lighting.

d.) Use full-frame camera settings to gather more light for the pictures. 

e.) Leverage a larger focus lens and higher ISO to capture pictures with more significant details.

Final Takeaways For Creating Gorgeous Indoor Wedding Photos

Point to be noted – of course, you’ll hail services from a professional photographer for your special day. However, having a little technical know-how always creates a better collaborative environment for you and your photographer. Above all, don’t forget to voice your vision. It’s your day, after all. 

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