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Your Guide to Saving Money for Your Wedding With Side Gigs

Your wedding is bound to be one of the best days of your life. It is one event for which you

should release your inhibitions and allow yourself every indulgence to make the day truly

perfect. Every detail, from finding a venue to securing the catering, should match your

vision exactly. Though you will not regret the expenses in the long run, there is the

immediate concern of affording your ceremony. To help ensure that your big day goes

exactly as planned, you might consider taking on a side gig to save some extra money for

the wedding. Here are some tips from wedding photographer Lisette Gatliff to get you


Potential Side Jobs

The Knot reports that the average wedding cost in 2022 was around $34,000. The perfect

side job for you is one that gives you the flexibility to set aside some money for your wedding fund without having to take out a loan or dip into your life savings. Some great

gigs that you can start with minimum startup preparation include:

● Food delivery and ridesharing

● Tutoring

● Freelancing

● Pet Sitting

Starting a Business

If you see long-term potential in your new side hustle, it might be worthwhile to establish a

formal business. Doing so requires forming an official business entity. Be mindful that you

must choose a name for your entity that is not already in use. You should educate yourself

on filing fees and other requirements in your state, as well. Many new business owners

choose to register their businesses as LLCs to gain tax advantages and legal protections.

You can work with a formation service to handle the LLC registration in your state and

ensure things are properly filed.

How To Find Work

Finding work for a fresh hustle typically starts with tapping into your existing contact

network. Get in touch with friends, colleagues, and local business owners who might have a

need for the service you are offering. From there, you can expand your reach using social

media and online job boards. Your ability to broaden your horizons further and grow your

gig into a full-grown business will depend on your willingness to utilize proper marketing

Assessing Your Marketable Skills

Getting the word out about your side business requires assessing your own marketable

skills. In other words, the skills you bring to the field set you apart from any competitors.

This might entail prior education or experience which lends itself well to your latest

endeavors. G2 explains that through careful market research in your niche, you will learn

common tactics for appealing to the target audience and what you can do to build upon

those strategies in your own way.

Words of Warning

Starting a new business, even as a side gig, is typically a long-term commitment that might

not see a substantial payoff in the early months. If you are looking to make some extra cash

for your upcoming wedding, it is important to recognize that your hustle might end up as a

failed investment that can set you back financially. Even a potentially successful venture might experience a period in which income does not exceed operational costs in the


There are also taxes to consider. When you earn money as a self-employed individual, you

do not have an employer that automatically withholds taxes for you. Keep accurate records

of your income so that you can make honest reports and required payments to the IRS.

Fund Your Own Wedding

While there may be inherent risks to starting a new business, there can be little doubt that

it comes with great potential for earning extra money. Your dream wedding is something

you will remember fondly for years, but it can make a huge dent in your savings for the

short term. As the big day approaches, you can have peace of mind knowing that your

finances are secure thanks to a lucrative side job.

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ensure that you have beautiful pictures to remember your amazing wedding day.


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