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Why Printed Wedding Albums Are Worth It

Printed wedding albums are meant to be with you forever.

Let me take you back to 2012 when the first consumer DSLRs came out and were selling like hotcakes and everyone was gaga about them. You'd probably have taken tons of pictures from that era with your cute side-swept bangs and embellished tops. How many are still with you, though?

What about your childhood pictures? Are they still with you? Probably yes, since they were immaculately tucked inside an album. That's what wedding albums do for you - they immortalize your very special day in a sturdy leather or linen cover.

And, if that isn't enough to change your opinion about NOT having one, I've got a bunch of reasons why should have a professionally designed wedding photo album - not just because that's a part of my service, but because I wholeheartedly and undeniably love the idea of you having a treasure trove of memories from the day you chose to tie the knot with the love of your life.

First thing's first: Technology is ever-changing.

Remember when CDs and floppy discs were the talks of the town? By now they've died a dinosaur death and have evolved into something entirely different. Sure, you can choose the Cloud for your wedding album, but we all know how Clouds are vulnerable to privacy breaches and to be very honest, you're only human. You do forget your password sometimes. You know where I'm heading, right?

Second: Anything tactile is immensely calming.

There is a reason why physical copies of your favorite novels sell better than their ebook counterparts. Holding a freshly printed wedding album, draped in leather, with sturdy pages and the typical newly-printed smell is simply bewitching.

Third: Telling your story in a handful of pages has never been easier.

When you buy a professionally created wedding album, rest assured, your photographer has already scoped out the best pictures and weaved them into a beautiful story in a couple dozen pages. And, let's face it - it's very difficult to do ALL of that yourself. So, why not get a professional to do all of that and more?

Take a look at the kind of wedding album I offer:

  • 10x10 flat-lay, 30 pages/15 spreads

  • Leather options (Italian/Distressed Leather)

  • Linen (A variety of color options)

I hope this helped you satiate your curiosity and convinced you to preserve your wedding legacy in an heirloom high-quality album. Also, my top two collections come with an album included...check out the details HERE.


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