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Wedding Day Tips | Getting Ready

When it comes to your wedding day, knowing what to expect, who goes where, and when everything should be in place is crucial. Most couples, especially the brides, want photos capturing the sweet, fun moments with the wedding party before it all begins. Although we all want the Getting Ready photos to be authentic, intimate shots, there’s a little forethought that must go into it to ensure that we get all of those priceless shots you’re hoping for. Here’s a peek at my timeline as a wedding photographer – allow for one to two hours for the wedding party to get ready:

1. Split it Up: I go with the girls while my second shooter stays with the guys so we don’t miss a moment running back and forth – perfect moments don’t happen on cue, so we will be ready when they do!

2. Detail Shots: Gather all special items for detail shots:  

Bride – Invitation set, dress (bring a nice hanger), rings (both bride’s and groom’s), shoes, accessories (jewelry and garter), and bouquet as well as any other significant items.

Groom – Suit coat, belt, shoes, watch, cuff links, tie/bowtie, special socks, etc.

3. Declutter: Make sure the room is as uncluttered as possible, especially the space in front of a window where most of the photos will be taken. Designate an inconspicuous place for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to keep their belongings. Ask one of the bridesmaids to help keep the counter space tidy.

4. Finishing Touches – Bride: Plan to be mostly done with hair and makeup so we can capture the finishing touches and then move on to fun photos with the bridesmaids in robes. Finally, we’ll get those iconic photos of Mom and the bridesmaids helping put on the dress.

5. Don’t Forget the Guys! Groom: the Best Man (or even mom) can help with putting on tie and corsage. 

6. Cheers! You did it! Now it’s time to relax and snap a few candids of the wedding party hanging out, having a toast, and chatting before the wedding day action begins!


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