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Wedding Day Tips For the Groom

Groom on his wedding day getting ready buttoning gray suit

So, THE DAY is here. As a groom, you’re jittery yet looking forward to the big day. Worry not! Here are 7 wedding day tips for the groom to ace the ceremony!

Wedding days bring butterflies. As the groom, it’s your duty to look your best and put your best foot forward to help out with the responsibilities. Here are 7 to-do’s for you before you utter your “I do”.

1. Get Involved

This day is very much about you, too. If there's a certain aspect of the day that is important to you, whether it's preferring an outdoor reception or having an open bar all night, your bride will appreciate your input and the fact that the wedding is a reflection of you both. So, put on your planning hat and share your opinions with your bride.

2. Be Photo Ready

Get your regular hair trim a couple of days to a couple of weeks before the day (this is not the time to try a new look). Be mindful of your skincare (the sooner the better!). Do not carry a phone in your pocket. Have your accessories gathered for your photographer to take detailed shots during the getting-ready portion. These are just a few tips for you to help yourself (and your photographer) out that day.

3. Note Down Your Vows

Vows are supremely important for the wedding day. Not only is it symbolic of your shared love, it also forms one of the backbones of the ceremony. So, set aside days, weeks, or months, whatever you need, and jot down the words that uniquely represent your love!

4. Make Sure The Groomsmen Are Ready

A wedding is no day to be tardy! As a groom, make sure that groomsmen are prim and proper before the photographer arrives. After the shoot, its the wedding party’s turn to help you get ready.

5. Clean Your Rooms

It is very easy to get super untidy in the hustle bustle of the wedding, but clean rooms make for great backdrops! As a photographer, an organized room makes it easier for me to shoot and certainly does spark my creativity as well.

6. Keep The Partying To The Minimum

It’s quite natural to have the one last night of wild fun as a single man. But, alcohol and extreme partying will only wear you out for the ceremony. Think about it - you don’t want your under-eye bags to be the star of the evening, do you? So, keep it light and breezy and get ample rest before your big day!

7. Check For The Ceremony Essentials

Do you have your wedding ring in place? Is your wedding suit pressed and ready? Are your socks in place? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself before the big day. Make a checklist our of your essentials and check them off timely.

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