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Wedding Day Tips | Ceremony

One of you popped the question, and the two of you set a date – let the wedding planning begin! So, you hop on Pinterest, only to find…So. Much. Information! As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen it all. From trendy to traditional to completely unique. But no matter what style or location you choose for your wedding day, here are five things I recommend to every couple:

1. Consider an unplugged ceremony.

Avoid photos full of cell phones in the air. No one should have their arms out in the middle of the aisle during your first kiss, and I’m sure you don’t want to hear phones dinging during your vows. Ask your guests to put away the technology and enjoy the moment with you during the ceremony. They’ll understand!

2. Make it meaningful – to YOU!

You are not limited in options when it comes to who will walk you down the aisle, whether it be your father, mother, both parents, siblings, or by yourself! This is your big day, so do what makes your heart happy.

3. Take your time walking down the aisle.

Soak in the moment of seeing your husband-to-be. Feel free to slow it down, catch each other’s eyes, and take it all in. This is one of my favorite moments to capture, and I hope it is one you remember forever!

4. Hold hands & face each other.

When you’re standing up there in front of everyone, some couples tend to freeze up a little. Go ahead and step in close; hold hands; look at each other even as the officiant is speaking to you. Not only will you get some incredible ceremony photos, you’ll also feel more relaxed as you enjoy the moment together.

Not that your officiant isn’t awesome, but for an extra intimate first kiss photo, ask them to step aside for that one moment. Most are happy to oblige.


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