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Wedding at Craft LA, Los Angeles | Carie & Rob

On the 10th of September, I had the privilege of working with one of the sweetest, most creative couples I had ever come across. Rob and Carie are a gorgeous couple, with a soulful love, that found its declaration at one of the coolest spots in LA.

I met Rob and Carie at the Shay Hotel, where they prepared themselves for the wedding. The unique interiors stood out to me, which rang very true to the classy brand of the hotel. The balcony overlooked the rushed LA streets, which went very well against the cool teal wall, which by the way, made the gorgeous bride pop even more.

With natural and dewy make-up giving her face a stunning glow, Carie took some shots with her wedding dress before she left for the ceremony. With a laced back and frilled sleeves, Carie's bridal gown made her look like something of a butterfly. She was all dolled up in pearl jewelry as well, so some might say a bejeweled butterfly!

Rob's and Carie's preference for an elegant wedding was reflected in more elements than one. Rob's navy blue groom’s tux with gold buttons was evidence of it. His tux shimmered with an onyx neckline from Men's Wearhouse, and boy, did he look dapper!

Again, the bride and groom's chic and modern vision could be seen in the choice of their wedding location. But, there's a little story here. Both Rob and Carie are super foodies and suuuper fans of Top Chef! Hence, Tom Colicchio’s (one of the Top Chefs) Craft LA hotel was the logical choice and the clear winner.

Besides, the bride and groom’s love for architecture and tall buildings sealed the deal with this Downtown LA location. Don't you just love it when the bride and groom's personalities are sprinkled throughout the wedding?

Another fine detail as it so happens is that the location wasn’t the only thing customed to Rob and Carie's taste (pun intended!). Carrie, as creative as she is, did all the florals by herself! So, if any of you want some floral inspiration for your wedding, you know who to reach out to - Carie Yaka!

The curation continued with the custom-designed rings that Rob and Carie did with Frank Darling. The shiny rocks were held in place by gold, which again tied in with the general sophisticated theme of the wedding. It was a very classy touch and an ever-virtuous fusion of both their charms.

Against the backdrop of LA towers interspersed with a bouquet of pastel flowers, Rob and Carie were officiated as the bride and the groom. And now, it was time for a foodie's dream reception! But hold on, a classic Rob-and-Carie twist awaits.

Both Rob and Carie decided to ditch the traditional ceremonies that follow after the wedding for something more soulful, intimate, and close-knit. All they wanted was good food and fun times, and they made sure everyone was a part of that.

The bride and groom were quirky, creative, and super easy-going to work with - something that is pretty hard to come by. I’m so grateful to be a part of their wonderful story.


Coordinator: Flyte44 Events

Florals: DIY Carie Yaka

Bridal Attire: Aritzia | Lulus | Nordstrom

Groom's Tux: Men's Wearhouse

Custom engagement ring: Frank Darling


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