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Wedding at Altadena Town & Country Club | Monique & Josh

No matter how many weddings I shoot, I can’t help but get caught up in the beautiful vows. I love the way each couple looks at each other with deep love and commitment. It looks different for everyone – but equally beautiful – and you can always see it on their faces. I love capturing that moment when all they see is each other and the audience fades into the background. Their moment is finally here, and they’re ready to take that leap into their future together, hand in hand.

I've known Monique since she was my son's preschool teacher a couple years ago, and she's always been the sweetest person to be around. She just has one of those authentic, warmhearted personalities. I always looked forward to seeing her smiling face in the morning and chatting a bit before we went on with our days. I was so honored when she thought of me for her wedding! 

Monique and Josh chose an elegant outdoor venue that fit their genuine personalities so well. The Altadena Town & Country Club is tucked away in the San Gabriel mountains, and the courtyard surrounded with tall ivy walls made their ceremony even dreamier. The greenery at this venue is just breathtaking! And Monique coordinated everything to go with the natural look so well. I loved the style and colors, especially the gold bridesmaids’ dresses that had just the right amount of shimmer. The entire wedding party looked amazing together!

Josh got emotional during the vows as his beautiful wife stood in front of him – so of course, so did I. I was thrilled to be able to document this intimate moment for the two of them, and I couldn’t be more excited for such a deserving couple. Monique and Josh, I wish you both the very best ‘happily ever after’!


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