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10 Bachelorette Favor Ideas For Your Next Party

Bachelorette Party Favors are a great way to keep the memories from the party alive while also showing a thoughtful side to the guests. According to The Knot, as many as 43% of women attend bachelorette parties with expectations of favors. It would definitely be a mistake to not include one; but worry not, they don't have to break the bank!

An awesome bachelorette favor ticks 3 golden boxes of affordability, usability, and memorability. If you're looking for favor ideas that check all the above while also leaning toward creativity, here are my top 10 picks:

  1. Drinkware - A bachelorette party hardly flows without booze. Customized shot glasses (or wine glasses) are a great way to carry the frivolity of a boozy bach party back home.

  2. Themed mementos- A favor that I think is so fun for bachelorette parties are goodies that go with the theme of the party! For a beachy aesthetic, one can go for beach bags and/or sunglasses. Wooden boxes with name carvings make beautiful favors for garden-themed parties. Bachelorette-day nostalgia, anyone?

  3. A skincare gift bag - We all love taking care of our skin, so why not offer them a small token of skincare appreciation? My favorites to include are rose quartz rollers and peel-off masks. So, the next time your guests are getting ready to pamper themselves, know that they are thinking of you!

  4. Cute jewelry - I believe that jewelry is the best way to go if you're looking to give out favors that are more than just mementos. A wide range of these golden glories definitely parcels out the bling from the bachelorette.

  5. Trinket dishes - Customized dishes matching the theme of the party carry a sense of personal touch to the otherwise dreary dinnerware favors.

  6. Makeup bags - Something that checks the usability box best is a makeup bag. This can be your girl's go-to bag that she can stuff inside her handbag at all times. Add some chic gold lettering of their names and voila! You have a stunning favor that also goes easy on your purse.

  7. Mini Champagne bottles - Champagne is a classic celebration starter. Keep the excitement from the epic party continued by gifting little bottles of sparkly liquor.

  8. Customized photo strips - They are a really great add-on to any bachelorette favor idea. Not only are they a tangible memory of all the party entertainment, but also they are only a few dollars worth of effort.

  9. Self-care Spa Basket - Scented candles, bath bombs, and a rich créme lotion can be the perfect pampering gift for your guests. Make their weekend by giving them a warm crate of comfort.

  10. Slippers - Fuzzy slippers are another adorable option for a party favor. This idea pairs extreme comfort with a cute look, so it definitely deserves a mention.

Above all, bachelorette party favors are incomplete without a gift bag so make sure to focus some of your attention on crafting one. I love the idea of favors packed in cool customized gift bags. This is something I believe immortalizes the bachelorette party both for the bride and the attendees.

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