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Temecula Styled Wedding Shoot at Two Sisters Farms

If you aren’t familiar with the main regions of California, you may only think of Napa Valley as wine country. But if you travel down south to a more arid region, you’ll find the city of Temecula, another beautiful and less populated wine spot, perfect for those looking for fewer tourists and excellent wine.

For this styled shoot, we traveled to Two Sisters Farms, a charming rustic venue ideal for romantic outdoor weddings and photo shoots with prime access to amazing wineries in the area. I am obsessed with the colors that played into this naturally elegant theme. Pops of violet from every kind of flower imaginable filled the tablescapes and bouquets—I didn’t even know there were that many types of flowers that came in that shade. And on the tables, muted shades of purple and dark pink on the linens softened the look.

Since violet is such a vibrant color, I really love how each one of the cakes used the color in a subtle manner. The smudges on the first cake created a watercolor effect with soft, blended shades of lavender. On the layered cake, they used the boldest, darkest shade at the bottom with a couple lighter shades on top, leaving the rest a simple, traditional white. As we get closer to fall, I wanted to highlight this styled shoot because of the rich, autumn-like colors. They went a little out-of-the box for those couples who love fall but want something a little more eye-catching. Fall weddings do not have to use the common orange, auburn, and burgundy hues. In this wedding, the use of greenery paired with the deep violet and dark pinks give off a unique, fall vibe, and I love the dark shades of the bridesmaid’s dresses! Perfect for cooler weather and making a statement.

If you’re lacking some inspiration for your fall wedding, this shoot should do the trick!


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