• Lisette Gatliff

Family Session in Long Beach | Kolumbic Family

After years of photographing couples, newborns, and families, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of togetherness. It’s in the small details. I watch a husband gently touch his wife, and she instantly smiles in response. I watch grins spread across little ones’ faces as their parents throw them high in the air. I watch siblings pick and poke at each other, and then, just as naturally, fall into the biggest bearhug full of love. These seemingly small gestures reveal lives lived to the fullest. It takes a while to become truly comfortable with other people, and how special is it to have people like these in our lives – where we can let loose and just be ourselves? Sometimes, I can’t believe I have the privilege of capturing such precious moments in front of my lens.

This picture-perfect family of four (almost five!) is so much fun to be around. I have loved watching the Kolumbic family grow – from the twins' newborn photos to this family/maternity session, so much life has happened in between. Their new addition will be another girl. Dad will be surrounded by a bunch of pretty little ladies, and I’m sure they will have him wrapped around their tiny fingers in no time. Just look at these little cuties running along the shore in the photos! I love their matching denim tunics (denim always looks good in beach photos – the blue looks great against the light-colored sand).

Mom and Dad are still more in love than ever! I had to sneak in a few photos just of the two of them (we all know those photos become few and far between with the arrival of little ones). She looked so beautiful in her long, floral dress that accentuated her bump just right!

I can’t wait to meet the next little beauty! See you soon, Kolumbic family!