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Let’s Plan Your Winter Wedding on a Budget

winter themed wedding centerpiece

From the wedding venue to the decor details, I've got you covered with these amazing winter wedding ideas on a budget.

If you're like me, you love the glistening snow, the crisp winter air, and the fireplaces. The idea of a winter wonderland wedding has got you all pumped but alas, you're afraid that it will end up costing a fortune. But worry not, with weddings being "off-season", it's the best time to bring your dream winter wedding on a budget to life.

Worried about what the details should look like? Keep reading and adding ideas to your Pinterest board!

Winter Wedding Ideas On A Budget: Color

Winters are the season of silver, gold, burgundy, and blue. But, your custom color schemes are hinged on your wedding venue.

If you're going for a countryside wedding, in let's say a converted barn for example, a scarlet and gold theme will gel magically with your vision.

Inside the city, with marble-finished floors and glass ceilings, something sparkly will bring out the oomph of a winter wedding. Silver and rose gold could be your go-to design color theme.

Winter Wedding On A Budget: Decor Ideas

To make your wedding look like a page from fairytales, you need to get your decor details right, especially in winter weddings when the decorations would be mostly indoor focused (courtesy: the snow).

I'd suggest just playing with the design ideas. If your wedding comes in and around Christmas, pine cones, dark green foliage, sparkly twigs, wooden logs, etc would be your best bet. Combined together, they give a rustic charm that goes magically with the other decorations.

Even if you choose to take your wedding vows outdoors, there should be a connection in both the outdoors and indoor theme. If it's a snowy day, make sure to bring that sparkle inside by leaning toward silver and blue-themed details. The idea is to bring the outdoor color elements and sprinkle them subtly indoors.

Winter Wedding On A Budget: Floral Ideas

No weddings are complete without floral decor. Especially in winter. Why? Because who won't want to kiss under mistletoe?

So, grab yourself some winter berries, roses, and pansies for the winter that is about to come alive indoors. You can also go with eucalyptus branches for a more festive feel. Snowdrops can be another beautiful addition.

Winter Wedding Ideas On A Budget: Decor

If there is a season that can and will allow you to go overboard with sparkly decors, it's the winter. Winter's all about that jazz!

Glitter, tinsel, bauble - you name it - a winter wedding can get that all in. And the best part, it doesn't even have to cost you a fortune!

Besides, you can also go for twinkle lights that ooze a romantic feel to the winter setting. As for table centerpieces, you can go with a crystal bouquet that is available pretty cheap all the while not compromising on the classy feel of the wedding.

Winter Wedding Ideas On A Budget: Favors

To play the winter wedding theme into the party favors, you can opt for some creativity. The pine cones from the decor can double as a winter wedding favor should you choose uniquely designed pine cones as wedding gifts.

Similarly, the florals from the decors can be dried up and viola! You've got yourself some dried flower favors.

You can also go with the quintessential winter wedding favors like scented candles, ceramics, or cake favors.

Winter Wedding Ideas On A Budget: Food & Drinks

This is the one area you cannot go wrong with, no matter what ideas you have. You can swap salad for soup - no complaints there. You can bring shepherd's pie to the main course - heck, I'm in. You can serve berry-flavored ice cream! As long as you are infusing the local winter traditional tastes into the menu, you're good.

Just one recommendation, though: Serve It Hot! Make sure your caterer has been given full cooking guidelines and they go with the natural flow of the buffet/reception.

As for drinks, again, you're permitted to go crazy with creativity! But check in with a bartender first in case your concoction ends up tasting like cough drops for a 5-year-old!

Whatever you end up choosing, make sure to sprinkle some of the season's goodness in it - like berries on top or some foliage at the drink station.

Winter Wedding Ideas On A Budget: Cake and Cake Toppers

Bold winter cakes are the name of the game for winter weddings. Infuse some sparkly touch with edible glitter, foliage, winter florals, etc. And hey, if you want to go wild, you can always go for a gingerbread cake! No judgments there!

Final Touch

I've tried my best to cover as many winter wedding ideas on a budget as I could, minus the wedding attire (gowns and tux) because it's highly subjective.

All of this comes from my years of experience as a wedding photographer. While winter is officially considered the off-season, I consider it the season of having a dream winter wonderland wedding without a huge spend. I hope you have a great time planning your winter wedding!

'Tis the season….to have a wonderful winter wedding without breaking the bank!


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