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Guide to Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower for the Bride-To-Be

A step-by-step bridal shower guide to help you plan one in no time.

Your favorite gal is about to get married! What better way to celebrate the bride-to-be than throwing her an epic bridal shower? But I get it. The planning gets overwhelming too quickly because of the sheer details! And, it certainly won’t be something out of the world if you’re ready to hang your bridesmaid boots soon. If this sounds remotely like you, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

In this blog, I let in some of the insider details on how to organize a bridal shower that doesn’t suck and is easy to plan. Let’s get to planning - step by step.

What is a bridal shower?

A bridal shower or a wedding shower is an event where the close ones of the bride gather together to celebrate her "bride-to-be" status. It's a fun event that consists of delightful activities like game-playing, eating, drinking, and much more. It’s mostly the bride's close friends and/or family who take up the onus to arrange the party.

A Step-by-Step Bridal Shower Guide

Now that you have a clear idea of what a bridal shower is, and you consider yourself as one of the bride's besties, it’s up to you, my friend, to plan an epic bridal shower. But worry not, it doesn't have to be extensive and exhausting. Here are simple and baby steps that you can decide right on the go to chart out the entire party in a few minutes:

1. Plan the Budget

As the host, it's your responsibility to plan the party. But, it doesn't have to be a princess-castle-themed party to show your adoration to the bride-to-be. Choose a range that you feel comfortable splurging on the bride without regrets. Something that aligns with the bride's choices and interests and brings fun and excitement to the event. Cocktail parties are the most preferred bridal shower theme because of the ease of the arrangements.

2. Curate the guest list.

This is the very next thing that you should be thinking about because your guest list with ultimately decide the venue of the bridal shower. Remember to only choose the guests that are from the bride's inner circle and the people that she admires. A bridal shower is an intimate gathering, after all.

3. Choose the venue.

Go through the bride-to-be's favorite locations that match your budget and check their availability. If you’ve pushed the planning down to the very last minute, chances are you won't be able to book the spot right away, which is why you can opt for an AirBnB instead that has the exact vibes that your bride-to-be digs.

4. What's the theme?

Yep, that's the next question you should be asking yourself because the venue is incomplete without anything custom to the bride-to-be. Her favorite signature drink makes a cocktail party worthwhile. A surfboard with the bride and groom’s names goes pretty well with a beachy party theme. Personalise as much as you can. Let the bride-to-be know that it’s not any party but her party.

5. Set the date.

The reason why the date is somewhat at the bottom end of the list (unlike other lists on the internet) for me is that it gives a leeway for adjustment. You should have a rough idea about when you're planning to hold the shower and give flexibility of a week tops. This way, even if your desired date isn't available, you can easily accommodate the event on a nearby date. Also, this works amazing while booking a venue because venue prices also alternate with the date of booking, so why not go for the cheaper option?

6. Send out the invites!

Finally, it's time to send out the invitations (via email or otherwise) to the loved ones of the bride-to-be. Make sure that the invites highlight the bridal shower date, time, and venue clearly and that the invites match the overall theme of the bridal shower. You can check out Basic Invite for a version that best goes with your theme.

7. Don't forget the favors!

8. Set the menu and the drinks

Whatever your bride-to-be loves to slurp and feast on - include that! However, plan the menu around the time of the day you're throwing the shower. Brunches call for well-laid-out charcuterie boards whereas, in afternoons, a table spread with the most preferred cuisines seems apt. So, choose accordingly!

9. Finally, decide on the wedding games and playlist.

You probably cannot pass opportunities for some dancing and fun games, can you? Are there any games and songs that are special to the relationship between you and the bride-to-be? Including them makes for the best kinda event. So, make sure to include them in the list.

Final thoughts:

There you go, the ultimate bridal shower guide and your step-by-step plan to throw the best shower ever! That wasn’t so hard, was it? The best party awaits you!


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