• Lisette Gatliff

Fullerton Baby Shower | Welcoming Baby #3

A Mexican fiesta-themed baby shower was held for Melissa, who is pregnant with baby #3 (soon to be party of cinco)! It was a gorgeous evening full of color, laughter, and beautiful mountains and city lights as a backdrop. As guests entered the estate, they were greeted by Spanish music and margaritas and colorful Mexican décor at every turn. Vases filled with limes and lemons complemented the religious candles, crosses, and El Pato tin cans at each table. Guests also had fun taking selfies in their choice of traditional Mexican clothing. The mom-to-be herself was dressed for the occasion, complete with a flower crown reminiscent of Frida Kahlo, as were her little girls. As darkness began to settle, everyone sat down for a delicious taco meal and enjoyed a most beautiful view of the sunset dropping behind the mountains.

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