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Featured Vendor: Hotel Bel Air

Hotel Bel Air - The decors
Hotel Bel Air

I've been a LA gal for the longest time. And, as a wedding photographer, I've to been to many places on the West Coast to capture love stories at scenic locations. One such venue (and frankly, one of my favorites) is Hotel Bel-Air, a five-star icon tucked on the hills of Bel-Air.

Spread across 12 acres of glorious gardens, Hotel Bel-Air exudes the grandeur of the Hollywood Regency with a touch of a Spanish Colonial charm. Its blushed stucco buildings and terracotta roofs have become the center-point of attraction for many celebrities and high-profile people worldwide. Its seclusion from the bustling city in lush green surroundings and picturesque canyons make it a popular spot for events — from weddings to styled shoots.

Taking a stroll through the gardens is an exquisite experience. It feels like you're living out a fairytale with fragrant blossoms and the gentle melody of the nearby swan lake. Every corner in Hotel Bel Air is a photographer's delight. This posh heaven has hardly anything amiss: from captivating courtyards to grandiose staircases to serene nooks, Hotel Bel Air’s got them all!

Hotel Bel-Air boasts luxurious suites and exquisite event halls that serve as destinations for luxury wedding photography shots. Tasteful artwork decks the roomy halls, while sumptuous fabrics line its crafty furniture. Natural light filters through the room's large windows, so rest assured, dreamy pictures are the norm here.

As a photographer, I know firsthand that impeccable service makes an immersive experience. Hotel Bel Air excels in this direction. The staff go above and beyond what you need and are absolutely dedicated to you for your special day. They are motivated to make your wedding vision a reality in its grandest form.

If you want a wedding venue that exudes magic through its being, choose Hotel Bel Air. Celebrating your love in a place that embodies romance will be a decision you'll never regret.


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