• Lisette Gatliff

Family Session in Balboa Island | The Cassell Family

Family sessions are always fun ones to capture. I love seeing how the family interacts with each other and learning about the different personalities of each member. They all have their different styles and quirks. Each person’s uniqueness adds another aspect to the family dynamic. All of the parts that make up the whole is what makes each family so intriguing and captivating.

I had a blast with the Cassell family of five. Their three kids are young adults now, but they still kept me laughing—maybe even more than some of the younger ones I photograph. These three have had plenty of years to perfect sharp-witted sibling banter. As a mother of younger ones, it was inspiring to see how close they’ve grown over the years. They were the most amazing kids—so thoughtful and kind—they were a pleasure to photograph.

For this session, we traveled around to their favorite spots that feel like home. This was actually their beach home on Balboa Island, Newport Beach—the place of many family vacations and memories, I’m sure. First, we started off in their home. After these three have launched out on their own adventures, starting their own families and careers, these will be such special memories for all of them to look back on—memoirs of where it all began. Next, we headed over to the marina where they dock their beautiful boat, which of course made me daydream of relaxing on the waves with my own family. What a special experience to have!

Their oldest daughter had just gotten engaged the day before—congratulations!!—so of course, I had to take a few shots of the happy couple. And, I got several of mom and dad, too. After raising such wonderful kids, they deserve some time in the spotlight. The day was glorious, and the sun was beaming. They looked like a sharp bunch donning their sunglasses.

All in all, it was great session, and I truly loved spending time with this fun-loving family!