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Family Session at The Artists Village, Santa Ana | Hunter Family

The only thing I’m more passionate about than photography is family. I immediately jumped at the opportunity take photos of my sister and her wonderful family. I adore them and couldn’t wait to give them some amazing family portraits.

An artist myself, I never turn down a chance to visit places known for spectacular and unique art. My sister recommended that we visit the Artists Village in Santa Ana—located in the heart of Orange County—for their family shoot. The gorgeous little niche has over forty galleries to peek inside as you stroll down the tree-lined streets. The area is infused with beautiful Latino culture, and the fall season is the best time to go as the leaves deepen with color in preparation for fall. A festive vibe fills the streets as they gear up for Día de los Muertos!

From a photographer’s perspective, the area couldn’t have been more perfect. The Spanish-style architecture, vibrant colors, and diverse greenery created some stunning shots. Plus, my sweet niece loved all of the sights and energy, so I was able to truly capture her fun little personality. I tried to mix it up with a few artistic, posed shots and plenty of candid shots as they laughed and played together. My sister and her husband are wonderful parents, and I enjoyed capturing their bond from an outsider’s perspective—I wanted them to see how much beauty their family brings to the world.

Thanks for letting me share these sweet memories with you! I can’t wait for the next time.


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