• Lisette Gatliff

Family Session at Summit House Restaurant/Panorama Trail, Fullerton | Chuang Family

What a perfect session with The Chuang Family. This family is so stylish! I loved their outfits. Their dark, coordinating colors complemented the bright natural greenery perfectly for this sunny outdoor session. They were all so comfortable in front of the camera, even their baby girl!

We headed over to the scenic Panorama Trail in Fullerton for these fun, laid-back family portraits. It makes me so happy when families make it a priority to update their photos each year because this time with littles really flies by. The Chuang kiddos are in one of my favorite stages right now with their adorable antics and constant giggles. It was so much fun to watch them explore and chase each other around. Their little girl just started walking, and big brother was so happy to hold her hand and show her around. I was impressed that she could hold her own as they wrestled and rolled around on the green lawn. Sometimes it’s hard to get smiling still shots of the kids, but these two loved being in the spotlight. They both looked like little models! I enjoyed photographing them so much!

Even Mom and Dad got in on the fun, and we got some great candid photos of the family playing together like a normal day at the park – just the kinds of memories I was hoping to capture for this special family.

And I obsessed with how their couple's photos came out. We found a charming stone bench beneath a beautiful shade trade for them to share a sweet moment together. The little rest area sat atop a cliff overlooking the tree-filled terrain with the Coyote Hills mountain range on the horizon. On this clear day, the view was stunning.

I’m so glad I had the pleasure of spending this fun-filled afternoon with this lovely family. I think the breath of fresh air was great for us all, and the great weather certainly lent itself to some fantastic photos!