• Lisette Gatliff

Family Session at Cerritos Sculpture Garden | Nadalin Family

I’ve known the sweet Nadalin family for a long time, and it’s been great watching their family grow—first they became a couple, then added their loyal pup and three precious, handsome boys. I can’t believe it was already time to update family portraits!

The bond between these three boys is unbreakable. The older two care for the little one like designated body guards—no one can mess with him, except them, of course. Brotherly love at its finest. I’m pretty sure their pup thinks she’s just one of the kids. She seemed to love jumping right in there with them.

For this session, we headed over to Cerritos Sculpture Garden, one of my favorite locations for family photography. The garden has a little trail going through it formed by a line of leafy trees. Without fail, the fun maze-like area draws a sense of wonder, happiness, and playfulness from kids of all ages (and their parents, too). These brothers couldn’t get enough as they ran and hid among the branches. Since the leaves are so thick, the sun softly peeks through, creating the perfect glow for photos.

While the boys were playing nearby, I made sure to get a few shots of husband and wife—the spark still very much alive. They are the sweetest couple! I truly had a blast catching up with this wonderful family as they add another memorable year to the books. Until next time, Nadalins!