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Engagement Session at Union Station and Vista Hermosa Park, Los Angeles | Sacha & Rudy

In life and love, it’s all about the journey, and Sacha and Rudy have already experienced a decade of adventures together. These two lovebirds originally met at work, and before they knew it, they had been dating for ten years! They decided this is the year to officially tie the knot. But before diving into the wedding preparations, they set aside some time for a romantic engagement shoot in Downtown L.A. 

They wanted part of their engagement shoot to be very stylized and the other part to incorporate their pets – I love that they knew exactly what they wanted. These photos are truly an authentic representation of them and their relationship with each other. After a little research and figuring out their style, I found the perfect iconic L.A. locations, which were conveniently only a few miles away from each other. It was actually my first time shooting in Downtown L.A., and it was fun to see in person the places that have been in many movies!

For the downtown portion, I loved all of the geometric shapes and interesting textures we found in some of the older buildings. I used the grand archways to help frame Sacha and Rudy. The rich brown wooden doors provided the perfect backdrop for some closer, more intimate photos. Of course, since it’s L.A., there were still lots of people walking around, and it was kind of funny to watch them try to subtly figure out what we were doing. Maybe they thought we were in the movie biz, too. Ha!

Then we took their four-legged family members out for some fresh air at the park. Their large dog wore an adorable red bowtie – he loved the photoshoot! But poor kitty was a little more apprehensive and stayed for just a few shots. The photos of all four of them were so cute! I had a blast with this fun couple. Congratulations, Sacha and Rudy!


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