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Engagement at St. Francis Palos Verdes | Erin & Jamie

There’s so much to love about this engagement session, I almost don’t know where to begin. The symbolism and intention behind every detail was extraordinary. They had a vision in mind for this session to portray who they are as a couple, and I think it turned out beautifully! Since many engaged couples have not been together long, some are a little hesitant at their first photo session together. Demonstrating your love for each other while someone is photographing can be understandably awkward for some. But these two had it going on! They were in a groove, and no one could stop them. Watching them interact with each other so easily made this shoot so much fun.

Erin and Jaime's Engagement Session

Erin moved from Texas to Los Angeles in 2013 and is now a successful costume designer, so they commemorated how they met and her successful career by personalizing denim jackets with their wedding date and bumble bee patches (they met on They decided to do their engagement session at St. Francis Palos Verdes, a beautiful historic church in the South Bay. I couldn’t believe it when Jamie told me his grandfather was the architect who designed the lovely chapel in 1952! What a special way to honor his work and legacy.

The church grounds were phenomenal for pictures. The chapel was surrounded by vibrant greenery and large shade trees. I love the contrast of the terracotta-colored tiles outside of the white-brick building. The original wooden doors and stained-glass windows added a charming vintage feel to the images. The church itself had a more modern glass archway with shades of blue, teal, and red mixed in, which provided such a unique backdrop. And Erin and Jamie looked so great together in her floral dress and his matching burgundy vest—such a handsome couple!

But it wasn’t all serious. At the end of their session, these Star Wars fans had some fun with a couple of light sabers, and it was pretty epic. It’s easy to see Erin and Jamie are amazing together. I am so excited for their big day to arrive!!


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