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Eight Epic After-Party Ideas For Weddings

Bride and groom sitting on sofa next to neon sign at Lake Oak Meadows in Temecula

Keep the wedding party going with affordable, easy-to-implement, awesome after-party ideas.

We get it. Your wedding reception went by in a blur. All you want to do is to keep the fun of the party going. What better way to give a kickstart to a merry married life than to plan an equally fantastic wedding after-party? Here are 8 epic after-party ideas for weddings to get you going!

But first, let's get the tiny details out of the way.

No matter which stage of wedding planning you're in, having an after-party does require some basic details nailed down before the after-party occurs.

This includes invites, venue, and vibe. Everything has to be arranged in a way that reflects your personality as well as your relationship.

So, to give you some pointers:

1. Zero in on your wedding after-party vibe.

Whether you want to go for casual party-hopping or want to have an intimate dinner party, it's best to decide as early as possible. That will give you enough time to decide the other specifics.

2. Finalize the guest list and send separate invites.

The next logical step is to choose who among your guests matches the vibe that you're looking for. Close friends, family, both? Choose your after-party VIPs and send them invites separately.

3. Wedding after-party venue.

Personalize the venue. You can continue all the fun inside your wedding venue, which would cut costs and travel efforts, or you can choose another location that is suited to your ideal wedding after-party. Make sure you sprinkle the venue with things that connect it to your wedding location so that it's cohesive.

Wedding after-party ideas

Now that you've got your details sorted, all you've got to do is personalize the after-party to your taste, and viola! You've got an entire dazzling event ready at your fingertips.

To help you with this, here are some fun and popular wedding after-party ideas that are sweet, custom, effective, and affordable:

1. A Neon Sign

Your guests won't soon forget that unique neon sign that incorporates your wedding theme. It's cute and beautiful to look at and doesn't cost a fortune! This also doubles as a wonderful background for even more photos, so you know you cannot go wrong with a dazzling neon sign.

2. Hop on that party bus!

Party buses are a juxtaposition - they are spacious but intimate! Bring your closest peeps, blast some tunes, and serve 'em drinks - you've got yourself one of the coolest wedding after-parties.

3. A quirky silent disco

Silent discos are the way to go if you choose to party in your wedding venue but not playing loud music is a prerequisite. All you need to do is put on your headphones and jam to the music in all its glory.

4. A classic club night

If you and your spouse are party animals, there is no reason to keep your party spirits hidden. Hit the most rad club in town and celebrate the coming together of married life.

5. Karaoke night

What better way to sing and dance and have a chill night than to have a karaoke session with your besties! Whether you croon to Journey or Beyoncé, a Karaoke singing sesh has got you covered!

6. Festive food vans

This one is for all the foodies at heart. You know that in tight wedding attire, it's difficult to eat to the fullest. Bring the food to the party and celebrate with your favorite dishes and some booze to wash it down! Eat, drink, and love is the best combination if you ask me.

7. Rooftop party

Introverts, assemble! I know how it feels like to have your social battery all drained out while wanting to keep the fun going. Solution - a cool rooftop party. Pro tip: For a starry night feeling, hang some fairy lights by the pole, and viola, nothing can get more peaceful and intimate than this!

8. Laugh it out with some stand-up comedy!

Stand-up comedy is one of the best ways to wind down after long, social days. Book an outing for your favorite stand-up comedian and enjoy the rest of the night, laughing at the top of your lungs with the people that you love.

Final Thoughts:

So here you go. Eight (plus three) awesome ideas for an epic wedding after-party. Remember that wedding after-parties are for fun, so keep it light and enjoy it to the fullest.


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