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Do I Need a Professional Photographer? In Many Cases, Yes!

If you’ve never hired a professional photographer, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. After all, everyone has access to a camera, and we can barely make a move without someone taking our picture. While this might be true, there are certain times when you want more than just a selfie. No matter what life stage you’re in, what event you’re hosting, or what memories you want to hold onto, a professional photographer can help. Here are a few examples of when it makes sense to use a pro, courtesy of Lisette Gatliff Photography.

Special Occasions

We don’t think twice about hiring a caterer for a big party, but what about a professional photographer to memorialize the event? You can enjoy yourself without worrying about taking photos and everyone can put their phones away. Candid party photos that have a professional’s eye are worth the investment. You want a professional with experience, lots of customer reviews, and a portfolio that includes both indoor and outdoor events. A professional photographer has the right equipment, skills, and professional eye to capture your special moment.

Letting the World Know You’ve Gone Pro

Whatever kind of hobbyist or artist you may be, you’ve connected with the online community of like-minded creators for years, and when you share your professional headshot, you’re going to get likes galore. Seriously, presenting yourself as an artist to the world is a big moment. Celebrate yourself and your work with a timeless portrait that emphasizes your confidence.

Even if you already own a nice camera, keep in mind that a kit lens probably won’t do the trick. Most professionals own expensive wide-angle lenses, which might set you back $1,000 or more each, not to mention the time it takes to learn how to shoot.

Your Business

Every entrepreneur knows that marketing is a crucial spoke in the wheel of business. To this end, it’s important to have clear, professional images posted on your website as part of your marketing efforts. Whether it’s headshots of you and your staff, product images and photography, photographs of your building or production, or anything else, you want a quality photographer to make these images shine.

Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, professional photos are an absolute must. Photographers experienced in taking these kinds of photos know how to make the most of a space. They can capture the best angles and features that show off your house in its best light - making it all the more attractive to potential buyers. Get creative with the décor and take care to stage each room before having photos taken.


Professional headshots are essential in the digital age. They're necessary for everything from LinkedIn profiles to press releases, giving you a professional and consistent presence across the web. Investing in a quality headshot will help you present yourself well to potential employers, clients and customers. When having your headshot taken, make sure you're dressed professionally and have makeup that looks natural yet flattering. Doing this will ensure your headshot gives off the right impression of yourself, no matter where it's used.

Know When to Skip the Professional Photos

When it comes to creating engaging visuals for your business, knowing when not to hire a professional photographer or videographer is just as important as knowing when to. With stock video, you can start creating advertisements and content quickly and with minimal effort; royalty-free images are another viable alternative if you're looking for something that is cost-effective. There are also tons of free photos and videos available online as well (with attribution) if your budget is extremely tight. Ultimately, being wise about when you need to hire a professional will help minimize expensive overhead costs for your business.

There’s no denying that hiring a photographer is an extra expense. But in many situations, it’s one that’s worth budging for. Whether you’re bringing home a new baby, celebrating your independent teenager’s milestones, or want to get the most out of your real estate, a photographer is a partner worth researching. Don’t let your moments go to waste because you will never have an opportunity to relive them again.

Lisette Gatliff Photography offers a highly personable mix of a photojournalistic approach and traditional portraiture with an emphasis on giving subjects a wide variety to choose from. Reach out today to get started!


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