• Lisette Gatliff

Cerrritos Quinceanera at St. Francis Xavier Church and Heritage Park

Turning 15 is a special day for most latina girls, but this quincenarea celebration had even more meaning for Rebecca as she also honored her father's memory, who had passed away less than a week before. At the mass, her uncle took her father's place during the reading and there was palpable sadness, but Rebecca held back the tears. I was in awe of her strength. Afterwards everyone surrounded her with love and smiles, and the mood instantly shifted from serious and formal to relaxed and celebratory. We headed over to Heritage Park in Cerritos to take portraits and found ourselves having to share the park with about ten other quinceanera groups. We managed to find a few good spots, including a tree branch Rebecca wasn't afraid to be lifted onto since she was surrounded and protected by her court of all boys (so darling!).

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