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Bridal Shower at Holland Hideaway, Bel Air | Stefanie

It’s a final party to sign off as a single woman before the wedding bells beckon a beautiful bride - yes, I’m talking about a bridal shower! Capturing this thrill of honoring a bride-to-be has always excited me as a wedding photographer. I got an opportunity to shoot this one at the scenic hills of Bel Air for the beautiful bride-to-be, Stefanie.

Bride to be standing in front of flower wall photo booth at her bridal shower

Stefanie's bridal shower was arranged by her friends and family in an AirBnB perched atop the posh Hollywood hills of Bel Air. The location for the shower was stunning with the patio overlooking the hill view. It embraced a contemporary design concept with a snug home interior.

Upon arrival, Stefanie's family and friends greeted me while also waiting for the bride to show up shortly. The coordination of their outfits stood out to me at the very first glance! All of them donned alluring floral patterns and blooming pastels on long gowns. Stefanie joined us soon after, dressed in a wedding-white A-line dress from ASTR The Label. I couldn’t take my eyes off the exquisite floral neckline.

The design elements lent the AirBnB a certain fairy oomph but of the twenty-first century kind. Jillian Nicole Events did a tremendous job in bringing a modern cottagecore aesthetic to life.

Later, the bright sunshine made for perfect exposure as Stefanie and her friends made a beeline to take pictures with a beautiful pink flower wall as a backdrop. The flower wall, courtesy of Bells Backdrop Rental, made Stefanie and her loved ones look like pretty butterflies fluttering to a flowery feast.

Pastels of pink spilling from the roses could also be seen on every other design piece - from the table clothes to gift wraps, from the stationery to even the macaroons. The arrangement was artistic, and should I add, quite delicious too! Speaking of, tiny snacks, cute cupcakes, and fruity flavors on the table added to the ongoing flowery appeal of the bridal shower. One of Stefanie's friends also prepared the charcuterie board. All of this - to showcase Stefanie's sweet tooth and an even sweeter personality! Two signature Stefanie drinks, mixed by her friends, complemented both the tasteful spread and the chosen color palette for the event.

The area was centered by a collage with the bride and groom's pleasant memories, made by one of Stefanie's closest friends. Her face sparkled as she posed beside the photos affixed to a silver ring, flanked by light-toned flowers. Stefanie also rocked a Mrs. Souza denim jacket, and she looked airy and fresh and clearly happier than ever!

Stefanie's bridal shower truly borrowed a leaf from a contemporary fairy's diary. As I wrapped up the event, I was reminded of Lana Del Rey's Bel Air lyrics - "Grenadine sunshine, and it fades sublime/ Darling I'm waiting to greet you", as Stefanie awaits to tie the knot with Garett next month.

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