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Anniversary Session at UCLA | Angelica & Tomohito

Angelica & Tomohito At UCLA
Angelica & Tomohito At UCLA

Amid the rich history that UCLA houses, it's no wonder this significant LA structure has been a crucible of many love stories over the years. Recently, I got to work with one such couple who flew down from the Bay Area to LA to celebrate their 10th anniversary at this very spot.

Angelica and Tomohito first met at UCLA as twinkle-eyed college students. I was visibly excited when I learned they wanted an anniversary photoshoot at UCLA. UCLA's beautiful Romanesque-style buildings have always filled me with awe, making perfect backdrops for pictures.

For the shoot, we first headed to the main campus gate. The vibe was light and breezy — much like the couple's outfit - Angelica with a flowy baby blue dress and Tomohito with a crisp white shirt and black denim. The brick buildings and the clear blue sky complemented the photoshoot.

Next, I took a bunch of photos of the couple in the Hogwarts-style hallways of UCLA. The sun shone brightly after almost a day-long rain session — so I made the most out of it with some nature shots. Walking under lush green trees and posing against brick railings in the background, the couple's pictures looked like stills from a college rom-com.

Next, we headed to Renee and Kaplan Hall – a beautiful modern building on the UCLA campus made of glass, steel, and concrete. It's famous because it's one of the many sustainable campus buildings and overlooks the iconic Bruin Bear statue.

Angelica and Tomohito wanted to shoot in front of the renowned UCLA landmark – the Powell Library. I used 'forced perspective' to capture the couple against the ornate bronze doors, arched windows, and the bell tower of the notable library. The stunning architecture and near-to-perfect warm, natural lighting made for absolutely gorgeous pictures.

Angie and Tomo found me on Instagram, and I'm so glad they did. They were so easy to work with! They have a one-of-a-kind love story that'll always be cherished. I had a fantastic time, thanks to them.

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