• Lisette Gatliff

A Helpful Guide When Posing for a Family Session

An important tip to taking genuine family photos is knowing how to pose in front of the camera.

If you’ve never taken professional family photos before or if you want to improve on your last session, here is some advice on how to pose that will leave you with wonderful images.

Get Close

Something you want to avoid is a family portrait that looks stiff and awkward. The key to family photos is to get close. Snuggle up with the people you love. If there are people of varying heights, I always have you all take a few photos on the same level so that you can get your heads close together too.

Have Fun

My favorite photos are when your family is genuinely having fun and laughing. Spend time talking about your favorite trip or a memory that makes you all laugh out loud. These candid moments are the best.

Keep it Natural

When you overthink posing, it takes away from the authenticity of your photos, which is why it helps to shoot your family photos in a setting where you’re all comfortable. For example, if you’re in an outdoor setting, take a walk and explore. If you’re shooting at home, bake something together or read a story.

Use Your Surroundings

I like to vary your photos by using your surroundings for different poses. For example, if there’s a bench in a park, I'll have you sit down; then we'll head over to a tree on which you can lean.

Make Use of Props

If you would like to include something sentimental or give a younger child something to do, you can also always incorporate a few props into your photos. Some examples are an ultrasound for a maternity/family session or blowing bubbles for the kids.

If you still have questions about how to make the best of your family session, let me know and I will be happy to give you additional tips.