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Essential Post-Wedding Planning Checklist for Newlyweds

Waltz into a stress-free married life with this post-wedding planning checklist with 7 to-dos.

You’ve said “I do” and flown to the honeymoon of your dreams. But, I wish I could tell you you’re done and dusted with this major life event because the wedding ceremony has technically wrapped up.

The post-wedding overwhelm is real. You wake up to a new task you forgot to do each morning. So, to shoo away the panic that sets in, I’ve prepared a checklist of eight things you must have in order after your wedding.

Ready to make a tiny but mighty checklist that takes the guesswork out of post-wedding duties? Let’s dive in!

1. Snag the Remaining Items from the Wedding Registry

A good time to take home the leftover items from your wedding registry is within 30 days of your wedding. Many vendors offer discounts at that time, so don’t forget to round up things from the list. You can totally use the credits to buy off the expensive items. Close out your registry after you’ve bought off the items you’ve eyed.

2. Thank-You Cards

They are a must, and the sooner you complete them, the more you’ll enjoy newly married life because who wants a big task like this looming over their heads? You can even start on the plane on the way back from your honeymoon. And if you want to incorporate a more personal touch, including photos of each guest is always a hit.

3. Leave Some Love for Your Vendors

Don’t forget to show your appreciation to all the vendors who worked hard to make your wedding dreams come true. A review goes a long way in not only thanking your vendors but also ensuring that potential clients will take notice of the great feedback.

4. Freeze the Wedding Cake

You’ve probably shelled hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on the drop-dead gorgeous cake of the evening. Three tiers will not be used up in the reception, so ensure you’re freezing the delicious treat. You can ask your caterer to help you wrap up the cake pieces. You can request a trusted family member to take it back to your home and carefully store it in the freezer.

5. Send Your Wedding Dress for Dry Cleaning

The star attraction of the wedding night, your wedding dress, needs careful handling after your wedding. The reason being – it holds far too many memories to be spoiled by stains and ill care. If you’re unsure about whom to contact for cleaning and preserving the gown, call your bridal dress shop for their vendor recommendations.

6. Re-Use Leftover Decors from the Wedding

What to do with the lovely flowers that beautified your wedding? Recycle them! Ask your guests to take away their favorite blooms to decorate their homes. Another idea could be to drop them off at a nursing home because flowers do make people’s day! As for the wedding favors, re-use the unused ones for yourself.

7. Show Some Love to Your In-Laws and Parents

Thirty days after the wedding is a wonderful time to cement your (not so) first impressions with your in-laws. Gift them something personalized to return the goodwill they showed during your wedding – financially and otherwise. Your parents deserve a lot of love, too, so ensure you shower them with gifts you know they will adore.

Final takeaways: What to do for Your Post-Wedding Planning?

I hope this checklist sparked some ideas about staying organized after the wedding. You must send out thank you cards, repurpose the leftover wedding decor, and send gifts to your in-laws and parents. Besides, returning the efforts of your wedding vendors with a well-meaning review and rounding off items from your wedding registry are other best practices to follow after the wedding. Remember, post-wedding is just as important as the wedding day. Keep this checklist handy to lay off the post-wedding planning burden!


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