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50th wedding anniversary at St. Anne Church in Santa Ana | Anna & George

Fifty years of steadfast love – that’s certainly one way to leave an inspiring legacy for your family. Anna and George have been through a lot of life together – making a home, starting a family, raising kids, and later watching them take flight in pursuit of their dreams. They’ve seen it all and accomplished it all hand in hand. But their story is far from being over. These two have a special kind of love that spreads to everyone who has the pleasure of meeting them, and it seems to grow more and more each day. It’s truly amazing to see.

 Anna and George’s son and daughter organized a special wedding anniversary celebration in honor of their 50 years of marriage! They know their parents well and knew they would appreciate a traditional event surrounded by their loved ones and close friends. These two are beloved by so many. Every family member showed up to watch them renew their commitment to each other during the full Catholic mass and vow renewal. It was beautiful, and together as a couple, they’ve had such an incredible impact not just on their kids but their extended family as well.

I love how they made it even more special by making it like a true wedding ceremony, complete with flower girls and bridal party attire. Anna looked absolutely gorgeous in her ivory lace dress, and it was pretty clear by the look on George’s face that she’s still the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. I couldn’t help but tear up a little while watching this lovely couple announce the everlasting commitment to one another that started all those years ago. What a wonderful event to attend, and it was truly an honor to capture for them.

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